Evolution of a Room

Have you ever really wanted something and tried your very best, but is just is NOT up to par with what you were hoping for?

Enter me, and my living room...

Lets go on a journey... and the evolution of my first attempt, second attempt, and if you VOTE for me... we can all enjoy the Amazing Mandi of Vintage Revivals in a third and final attempt to make my living room a place that my family can enjoy!  Voting starts Friday Sept. 7th and runs till the 14th one whole week!  You can can vote for me one time each day per IP address!  I am NUMBER 113, vote for me Here!

Look at what Mandi is offering and all the amazing sponsors!  Ekkkk!
So lets get started, I love my home, and am trying to make a place that is bright and fun and happy.  I have an awesome husband and 6 kids!  5 boys, 1 girl.  We are busy as heck and when we hang- this is the room we hang in (well of course the kitchen too, food is top priority in this house).  My living room isn't terrible but could be TONS better!  Help us please!  Wouldn't it be so cool to see what Mandi could do with this space!  I know you want to see it transformed too!

This is one shot of the room and my beginnings of making it better:

And a few more first attempts shots:

Now we are to where my house looks now, better....but not quite.... (ignore the arrow in the middle of the picture, I am new to this whole write on the picture thing.  New, like today is my first time ever!)

Here is another shot of the room and it is filled with color, as you can see I haven't used any black at all.

And a shot from the couch, riveting, I know.

 Now this is the watch movie trailers as a family, oops- I mean computer area.  This is the kind of work station you want everyone to see when they come for visit!  Can that book shelf be any more crammed?

Here we enter the high traffic area, it speaks for it's self, and yes, those curtains were hung right, they just don't like little kids spinning in them.

And one last shot for your viewing pleasure:

Is it the worst room entered, No.  Can it use some help, Yes!  

I mean if I wanted I could have entered my bedroom, it needs serious help too!  And I didn't mess up the bed to make it look bad, my kids just like to jump on it... right after I make it.

I have been torn, I need my bedroom made over, but if I am going for an epic room make over, lets face it.  I want it to be a room that EVERYONE will see, because awesome is how Mandi rolls!   And wouldn't it look nice rolling in my living room?  Why yes.  Yes it would!

Please Please Please vote for me!  If I can get my act together I will have my sweet kids sing for you...They are true entertainers, like me!

*Update*  My kids are so excited to win, they learned the song and sang it twice in the 5 minutes before I rushed them to school this morning (sorry for the poor crappy camera quality), here it is!

I put both videos in because, my little girl, Vilate started movin' and groovin' in this one and it was too cute to pass up!

And to Mandi, and Hailee!  I promise tons of fun if you come, I do get a little slap happy late at night (fair warning) and I promise lots of giggling, I can work hard too and love a challenge!  You won't be sorry, plus I have all the stores you could want, and need, just a hop skip and a jump away (including Home Goods).  So come see me in Colorado and make a totally amazing 3rd attempt on my living room!  Yippee!

Please Vote for me!  Once per day!  It is up to you!!!!!  I am Number 113, go vote NOW! Thanks so so much!

Lots of Love,




  1. Yey...love the entry Mindi!!! You should totally win! Now we just have to pray that it is one of us!

    "High traffics area, six kids and a dog. Any questions?" - cracking up at midnight. Love it!

  2. Oh my gosh...I love the videos!!! Soooo stinkin' cute!

  3. Mindi, your kids are SO CUTE!!! I would love to come to CO and makeover your living room, seriously we would have so much FUN!!!! Thanks for entering and good luck!!

    Love your guts

    1. Thanks Mandi! We seriously would! You are a star at our house, my little girl will see me looking at your site and say "Oh there's Mandi, she's pretty!" And when I was teaching my kids the song to sing they said, "Is Mandi the one that was in Craft Wars, with the cool bird house?" So yep, we think you're awesome!

  4. You are right Mindi - we can now both die, because Mandi has commented on both our blogs!


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