Mirror Makeover

If you follow me you know by now I love free things, who doesn't?  It is not always easy to get good stuff, so when the stars align and you are the lucky person you jump on it....or it will be gone.

This mirror was one of those lucky days.  I hardly get on the internet on Saturdays, but I had a few minutes before I had to leave to go across town.  I saw this mirror on craigslist for free, and the pick up location was just off the freeway in the direction I was heading.  It was a NICE mirror....

This is where you get a little heart race and reply to the post as fast as you can...and press send...

I was not expecting to get it, but I always hope!  Five minutes later as I was walking out the door the phone rang...I didn't know the number....but it might just be....it was....eek!  Well the rest was history.

Okay, moving on (sometimes I just can't help myself, I get so giddy, I love a good free find story)...

There is no true before picture, pre-blogging, but here it is all taped and ready to paint...

It was actually kind of cool looking, but it needed some minor help.
All four corners had cracks where the pieces joined together (not pictured).  It was perfectly sturdy, in fact I could tell it cost a lot of money...So out came my wood filler...
This is just after filling in all the four corners.  I then cleaned it up and sanded off the excess wood filler.

She was ready to be painted!

So I busted out the black spray paint.
Isn't she pretty?!  I love the texture...

Before I used the wood filler the cracks were very obvious and painting would not have made any difference, you still would have been able to see them.  I assume this is why they gave the mirror away...there was nothing else wrong with it!  With a little wood filler and paint, I now have a free new mirror!  Yippee!

Happy day!

Lots of Love,

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