Welcome to My Love 2 Create!

I am so happy you found my little spot in the blogging world!  I discovered blogs just over a year ago and have truly LOVED what I found.  It was a revelation that so many people were doing and sharing the things that I have always wanted to do. 

So...I have been soaking it all in, and building, creating, dreaming, decorating, thrift shopping, craigslist shopping, and repurposing things like crazy.   

Which leads to this blog.  I finally decided that I wanted to give back and maybe reach someone out there that has a desire to create like me.  I believe we all have that desire in some form or another, and we all DO create in our own way, everyday.  Whether it be crafty or not, even creating happiness in others is a gift that many share.  

I am someone who loves to learn new things and making something useful and fun is always a bonus.  So you will see a variety of projects here and I hope you may gleam a spark of what you can do in your home, because YOU CAN CREATE!

Lots of Love,





  1. I am so excited you started a blog! And the intro is really cute. Can't wait to see some project posts and also the Epic Makeover Entry!

  2. Now there is an awesome family.
    I'll have to check in every now and then because I am into DIY projects, though I don't have too much time for them at the moment. Plus, I feel like it is kind of hard getting started. Perhaps your blog will help inspire me to action.

  3. So, that last comment from "Unknown" was mine. Not sure why it didn't log me in correctly...


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