1 Minute Peanut Butter Frosting

I love peanut butter and any excuse I can get to use it.......I will!

So today I want to share my excuse for a quick fix to get some peanut butter.  It was my son's birthday on Tuesday and he requested a monkey cake....again.  Instead of doing the same cake as last year I found this cute tutorial on you tube, and followed it.  I also saw it on Martha Stewart. com as well (I just used a cake mix....)

Isn't it cute!

The only difference from the video is that I used my 1 minute peanut butter frosting!   It is used for the outside of the cake, but it is also good to put in-between the cake layers too, that way every bite has some peanut butter goodness.

Here is how I made my frosting.
This is all you need folks!
You can add more if you like, I just did two spoonfuls.
And you are good to go!  Mmmmm...
And if you just want to try it out without a cake we like to do this...
My kids like the chocolate and peanut butter combo....who doesn't?

So if you like peanut butter than try it out!
Or you could make a monkey cake....
I am sure this is a trick a lot of people know, but just in case....spread the love!

Have a great weekend......peanut butter anyone?


I will be linking to these parties.



  1. this is genius...especially for all those peanut butter lovers!

  2. Love the cake and the frosting! Wish we could have been there to share it with you this year.


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