DIY Kids Table and Chairs

Today I have another Christmas present from last year to share.

We are also keeping it real with this picture...

Truth is, I built the play vanity and pull down art desk by Christmas, and the rest of my kids got a letter with a promise to build their present after Christmas and they got to pick what it would be...

Sounds fair right....well it was fine with them!  (thank goodness)

Two of my younger boys share a room and they decided they wanted their own table and chairs.  At the time they were very into playing cards together...especially war.
 Again no in process pictures...but they LOVE this table.  I love that they can store books, stuffed animals, and legos underneath.  You can see the plans for the table HERE, of course from Ana White.  The chairs are also from her site and you can find those plans HERE, and my brag post here.

I was lucky to score some wood at the Restore, the chair tops and backs came from my father-in-law, and the rest was from the Home Depot cull bin, and furring strips.  So totaling all this set was less than $10!  I love it when I can get a great deal!

Here it is hanging in the kitchen waiting to be painted...
Banana anyone?
Gotta love the action shots...Did you notice the cute pink stool?

I also frequent the free section on craigslist and got the paint for the table free,  the chairs were painted with the same mix I made for my youngest son's dresser.  
So why blue and orange?  Well....Broncos!  Of course!

I am getting to the point where I think they need a makeover though...

I just painted the "new" dressers for their room (which I will be posting soon)...


I will be linking to these parties.



  1. These turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. love the table and chairs! Oh my, I haven't been to the ReStore in forever! I need to go, but I already have so much stuff....


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