Lamp Makeover

I had this lamp that I got for free and it has been sitting around collecting dust.  It didn't have a shade and that was part of the problem.

When I re-did my son's dressers, I wanted to use the lamp, but it didn't match the knobs.  I still had a little white spray paint left over from other projects though...
I cleaned it up and taped it off...
And gave it a couple of coats...then it started sprinkling (just my luck), so I had to quickly move it into the garage.

Luckily it survived.
My sweet friend Iuliana had this shade and was willing to part with it because she wasn't going to use it anymore, plus it was on clearance for $2.  It saved me!  Thanks chica!

Here it is in it's new home!
I love it!  

Isn't paint amazing!!


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  1. did you spray pain the cord too? Do you recommend doing that?

    1. I researched it on the internet, and most sources say it is fine, of course there are always the paranoid people out there....If you are worried about it just put the cord in a baggie and tape it off so the paint will not get on the cord. There were no problems with the cord and I taped off the plug end to make sure it was safe. I personally am not worried about it. I have done it before years ago and never had any problems!

  2. Wow, gorgeous!! Looks great!
    Following now!


  3. I love the update. Your lamp turned out beautiful!



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