From girly to boy worthy

So a long while back I got this dresser off of craigslist, for free.  I put it in my daughters room, because it was pink and my boys would have nothing to do with it.  I was still looking for a dresser for my boys room and eventually got another one for free.

From the listed picture it looked totally perfect for boys...a nice wood dresser.  Then I picked it up, and realized all the detail work was totally girly, there was no way I could use this for the boys....

So.... the pink girly dresser got a revamp, in the middle of winter, with spray paint.  Not saying this is a great idea, but for me it worked and my boys didn't even notice it sprayed on blotchy.  (I keep trying to spray paint in the cold and am learning more and more it equals not good results or no results at all.....)

Again pre blogging days people, so here it is with almost all the drawers taken out...Since I wasn't blogging who cares about a true before right?   Hmmm...

 It was a cute dresser and for free I wasn't complaining, but it really wasn't high quality.

 I removed the knobs and sanded down the drawers.

Then spray painted it blue, see how blotchy it is.  No matter how even I sprayed, this was the result, oh well!
Do you remember the frame to chalkboard I posted about here?  Well it got sprayed from the same can of spray paint, and I had the same blotchy results...I am beginning to wonder if the can was faulty...because this was done in the summer, nice warm weather.

Obviously I am not too much of a perfectionist....I left them as is, it gave it a different look, kinda tie-dye-ish....ok, movin' on.  If you ever feel insecure about the finish of your project, come here and I will make you feel better!  I can see the imperfections, but the boys are just happy to have something new and different, boys are so great!

I busted out some green knobs with craft paint (above is a quick clear coat) and the final result....
Much better for the boys!  I look back and laugh, because at this point I was still afraid to even try to distress.  I am still learning, but I think for the time this was just fine, at least it wasn't pink and purple!

Not bad for free, plus one can of spray paint.

Fast forward 9 or 10 months.....

I have now fixed several of the drawers (made from crappy mdf) several times!  This dresser is no longer in my boys room.  It has been replace by these dressers.

But I am not done...this bad boy is now on it's second revamp!  Hopefully coming soon!  Stay tuned!


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  1. This is beautiful! I don't think the spray paint looks all that blotchy (though I definitely know what you mean the cold weather). Any reason you chose to use spray paint over a different type?

  2. I love the blue and green combo - great way to switch from boy to girl!

  3. Fabulous job!!! Love the green and blue.
    Oh and the bench below is awesome!


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