Ombre Sign made from Blinds

I am excited to finally share another project I made from blinds!  I posted about my Sunburst Mirror I made from Blinds here.

This sign, minus the words, was made probably six months ago...I could never make up my mind on what to put on it, typical.

Since this is the season to be grateful...I ended up with this...
Ombre Sign made from Blinds, picture tutorial at MyLove2Create
I am quite please with the results, especially since I had moments of doubt...

This is what I started with,
how to make a sign with wood and old blinds
I had all these small blind pieces left over from when I made the sunburst mirror, they were the cut ends from the blinds.  I thought they would look good as a sign if I put them close together.  So I grabbed this old board from my stash (I did nothing with it, just left it all naturally perfect).
gluing on blinds
Then I glued the blinds onto the board.  If you look close you will see the sunburst mirror I was working on at the same time.
repurposing old blinds
I nailed the blinds down.  This may be an unnecessary step, but the nail gun was out and ready to go, plus it was a new toy for me.....
how to repurpose old blinds
I filled the nail holes with vinyl spackling, it was white and I didn't want to paint the blinds.

Now fast forward six months, and eventually, I decide on a saying,
cutting a stencil with contact paper on a cricut
I cut it on contact paper and place it on the blinds.  I think I will use the extra to make another sign as a gift for someone...

This is where I got stuck, AGAIN.  What color should I do the letters?  I think I need a personal decision sweet husband, is sick of being asked....

Since it was a Thanksgivingish sign and this is a fallish season...I went with a mixed orangeish color, and pounced it on with a stencil brush.
using a cricut to make stencils for painting signs
When I finished, I didn't like it.  (And I forgot to take a picture...I was in "the depths of despair")  Why didn't I just do the brown?  Agghhhhh!  I had ruined it.

Luckily I didn't take off the contact paper yet.  So I tried this...what did I have to lose.
how to paint an ombre pattern
One fall color wasn't enough, I ombre effect!
stenciling an ombre sign
I still wasn't sure, but I felt a little better...
Ombre Sign made from Blinds, picture tutorial at MyLove2Create
Not too bad...I guess it will work.  I put some saw tooth hangers on the back to hang it, but I couldn't decide on a wall (are you noticing a pattern here?  Maybe there is a hotline for indecisive people...)
how to make an ombre sign
I stole the easel from my fall craft, and I was happy to see it held the sign.
make a sign out of blinds
I am loving it now.
how to repurpose old blinds
It is a good reminder to be grateful for all the blessings the Lord has given us.
repurpose old blinds
And I am grateful to have finally finished!
How to make a sign from old blinds

Have a happy day!


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  1. I am so glad you finally finished this and it is adorable. I love the ombre, and the font and the color choices. Seriously adorable! Pinning!

  2. What a clever idea! Love it:)


  3. Wow! This is super creative. I would have never thought to use blinds to make a sign...and your ombre effect is fantastic.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. This is a great blog! I don't know what you were talking about saying I was ahead of you! I think it might be the other way around. ;-) I love your graphics and buttons. So cute. Did you do them yourself?


  4. That turned out great! Especially considering what you started with.
    I love the way you blended the yellow and orange.

  5. You are so smart to use blinds as part of your signs! Most people would just throw these away and never think twice of a way to repurpose them. Thanks so much for sharing with this week's Throwback Thursday party.

    *I am featuring your project as part of a project round-up on 11/18. I hope you'll stop by to see it.!*


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