Simple Hair Bow Holder

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!  We just got back into town and had such a great time.  I am truly grateful for our family!

Today I am excited to share a super simple project with you!  I made this as a gift for my sister-in-law, for her new baby girl!  This was her first girl after two boys and so she needed some GIRLY things!

I believe hair bows and ribbon flowers are right on the top of being girly.

Since I was going to make her hair bows for her sweet little girl anyway, I figured it would be helpful to have somewhere to hang them...

I found a scrap 1x4 board in my shed, sanded, and painted it white.  Then I stenciled on the words.  I used the same process as I used on this project Here.
I distressed it a little...
Added a few vinyl flowers...
Then stapled some ribbon to the back, and added a hanger...

Super easy right?

The bottom half of the bows pictured above actually belong to my daughter, I wanted to show how it can hold lots of bows.  These are the only ones I could find though....they are spread all over our house.  My sweet little girl likes to play with them as much as wear them.

Our stuffed animals always look so pretty!  I guess I should make a bow holder for our house too.

These are the bows (bows...just my generic term for any kind of hair clip thing...) that I actually made for my super cute niece, I made most of them from ribbon.
I made a coupe doubles, just incase she is sporting two ponies.
I tried to do lots of different colors too.
I am sure it will help to keep them from getting lost, plus it is super easy to add more and more, and for those who need to see them all at once to decide...this is perfect!

How do you organize hair accessories at your home?

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  1. This is such an awesome hair clip organizer. They look like art on the walls :) Thanks so much for the follow.. Following back now too :)

    Have a wonderful evening!


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