Super Easy Shelves

There are still a few Christmas Presents I made for my kids last year that I haven't posted about.  Today I wanted to share my oldest boys shelves.  (You still have time to make a present like this, "hint, hint")

He requested shelves to hold all his cool guys and random things.  I painted them the color HE wanted and HE decorated them.  Not bad for a 12 year old boy, even if I would have done differently myself.  And....just so you know the room has not been touched as far as decorating/painting goes....hopefully in the future that will finally happen....  

So, we are just looking at the shelves and how EASY they are to make!  I wish I had a tutorial, but again pre-blogging!  You can get the plans at AnaWhite, they are called Ten Dollar Ledges.   Ana has a great how to video to inspire you into action!
The only before picture I have is of the wood all cut, sanded, and pocket holes drilled.  I got furring strips for less than a $1 each and the rest of the wood I got from my Depot Cull bin (see the green spray paint?)  I did two small shelves and two large shelves for about $10 total.  Not bad!  

Here are a few more shots for you to enjoy!
We just screwed them into the studs in the wall.  
He has loved putting his guys, and legos, and even Skylanders on display!
By the way,  that window is the only natural light (which isn't much) in the room so hence the lovely photos...
I am so glad he likes them!  

These ledges/shelves can be used for sooooo many things and can be a great element to add to any room!  As far as building projects go these are right on the top of super easy!  I hope you are inspired to make some!


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  2. What great shelving you have created!


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