Sharing our Gifts

I believe we are all blessed with gifts.

Gifts that were given us by a loving Heavenly Father.

Gifts that are meant to be shared.  To lift, inspire, and to bless lives.

Actual link to video found Here.

Most of us can't play like Kuha'o, but we can bless others by loving and serving in ways that WE are able.  Using our gifs to bless others lives will truly bring happiness to our own.  For me this is why I blog, and maybe why some of you do too.

I love being inspired by others, is makes me want to be better.  As I was watching this video I thought maybe you might enjoy it too.


I am going to try post inspiring video's every Sunday, and hopefully all of us will just want to be....well, just be good!




  1. So so very beautiful friend...and so very very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video and for blogging! Your gifts inspire me!

  2. Oh Wow! What an extraordinary gift, thanks for sharing!


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