Repurposed Hook Shelf into Fun Book Shelf

I have an exciting announcement for you today!!  Most of you may not know that I am now a Contributor over at My Repurposed Life!  Gail is my hero, seriously.  Her blog was one of the very first blogs I started following when I discovered them a few years back, so this is a HUGE honor for me!  I know, I know, someone pinch me please!

I am excited to show you my first contributor post, A Repurposed hook shelf into a fun book shelf, that I shared last month.  Here it is!

This is a project I created this for my daughters room...

MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf

A repurposed hook shelf into a fun book shelf!
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
She LOVES it!  It is a great way for her to hang her stuff, keep her books organized and display her art work, and I love it because it keeps the mess off her floor!

It all started with a lonely old hook shelf that has been sitting in my shed collecting dust.
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
Seen one of these before?  I am sure a lot of you may have one.  I had the idea to make a bookshelf on top...
cutting book dividers
I started by putting two scrap pieces of wood together and cutting some "book ends" not sure what I should call them.  I made two and then traced them on and cut two more.
deciding how to put things together
I looked around my shed (which is a total mess right now!) and found some scrap bead board from when I did my Desk and Hutch Makeover.  I also found some moulding and spindles from an old crib I had gotten off the curb.  Here I am piecing it together to see how to build it.
cutting beadboard, measuring spindles
I cut the bead board to how long I wanted and measured out the best length for the spindles, which is what will hold the books in place.  At this point I decided to leave the middle open for a spot to display art work, my little girl loves to do art projects!
Using a jigsaw to notch out the bead board
Here is where I notched out the bead board, I measured two inches up from the bottom then traced where to cut.  I used my awesome jigsaw that I scored from the Restore for $5!  
Adding moulding
I also measured the moulding and cut it to size.  Then I gathered everything up and headed into the house where it wasn't below freezing.  Ahhh warm!
Drilling pocket holes
I set to drilling pocket holes into my book ends.  
measuring for placement of dividers
Using my spindle I was able to mark where the "book ends should go.
Attaching with right angle clamps, and pocket hole screws
Then I used glue and screws to attach them!  You could also drill in screws from under the shelf into the bottom of the book ends if don't have a pocket hole jig.
Gorilla glue to back
After attaching all the pieces I flipped it over and put on some glue.  (They kind of look like shark fins, don't ya think?)
Nail and screw on bead board backing
I put the bead board on and nailed it into the shelf and book end pieces.  I also decided to add screws, better safe than sorry!
Adding top dividers, trim
When I turned it back over I added the top trim, and then thought it would look good if the book ends were connected to the top.  So I went out and cut some scrap 1x1's and slightly beveled the ends.  Then I glued and nailed them on.
Nailing on repurposed crib spindles
I filled in all the holes, and oops, I forgot my other spindles...
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
That's better!  I wanted a spot for her tall books and one for her short ones, the rounded book ends make it easy to have different levels.
Close up of nail holes
I used three nails from my nail gun to attach the spindles onto the book ends.
Adding 1x2 for top trim
I decided to do all the hanging stuff before I painted.  I used two D-Ring hooks on the back and hung them on screws that were secured to studs.  When I saw it on my daughter's wall I decided it needed a 1x2 on the top.  I used glue, tape, and clamps, because it was late, and cold, and I did not want to go out side and hook up my air compressor and nail gun! 
Painted white
I primed it and painted two coats of white paint.
Adding washi tape for a fun pop of color
To add some fun accents I grabbed my washi tape (which is removable) and slapped some on...
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
So cute!!  It totally made a difference, and the best part is that I can change out the washi tape to a different color/pattern, or remove it altogether at anytime.
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
I also hot glued a clip onto the middle section so she can display here art work (this was just some school work I found in her room).
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
Here is a sweet drawing she got from a friend.
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
This project solved our hook problem and book problem, now she has places for both!
MyLove2Create, repurposed hook shelf into fun book shelf
I love how something that I didn't use anymore can be transformed in to something special and very useful.  My kind of project!!

I hope you enjoyed this hook shelf into a book shelf!  And if you like these kinds of projects, repurposed items are Gail's speciality, you can always be inspired at My Repurposed Life!


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  1. Mindi, you are so creative! No way would I have thought to use one of those hook shelves to create a book shelf. Wow! All of your daughters things on the book shelf is precious. I am sure she is so proud of her mommy for making it for her. :D

    Well done and high five!

  2. You did such a TERRIFIC and CREATIVE job!!
    Beautiful book shelf :)


  3. what an adorable shelf you came up with. I especially LOVE the spindles you used.... Great idea to store some books on the wall.... So many books, so little space!!!
    TGIF !! :)
    x Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  4. awww, Mindi--thanks for the sweet words about My Repurposed Life! You know I love all of your projects, THAT is why you're the perfect fit for MRL


  5. wow too neat! Such an awesome shelf and very detailed tute. I think I have spots here for maybe 2 of these, when can you come by and show me in person? :)

  6. This rocks friend!!! It is the cutest shelf book organizer I have ever seen!!!! And yay!!!!! Yay for you!!! I never doubted for a minute that you would link up with your hero!!! Because lady you are a hero! Sending you happy high fives over the computer!!! Way to go!! Happy weekend friend! Nicole xoxo

  7. This new book shelf is super cute! I love that you made it out of an upcycled shelf and odds and ends. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  8. It looks awesome! I have a similar shelf in the garage, ha now I know how to transform it for better use :) Gail couldn't have picked a better contributor. Congratulations, you rock!

  9. Love this! I have both a shelf like this AND a crib (actually two....) waiting to be repurposed. My baby's room could use a shelf like this... I see a weekend project... :)

    Thanks for linking up over at the Remodelaholics Anonymous party!

    -Lorene @Remodelaholic

  10. Mindi that is so awesome, you contributing at My Repurposed Life! Congratulations! Fantastic job making something from nothing, as always! Perfect shelf for a little girl's wall. I have three little shelves like this, so three redesigned projects to do...guess I better get busy! Have a great day! Val

  11. WOW, you are a creative genius! Thanks for sharing this at Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday. Congrats on being a contributor to My Repurposed Life!!! She's one of my hero's too. :)

  12. What a great idea! That is such a cute book shelf. Just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post today at if you don't mind.

  13. I love this! Such a cute bookshelf and great diy! I'll be giving your tutorial a shout out at the party! Theresa @DearCreatives

  14. What a fantastic upcycle! Saw this on RR and had to come see more. Love love love it! XO

  15. EXTREMELY creative! I love this!!! I will be featuring you this week which means you will also be PINNED. Best wishes, Linda

  16. This is great! So much cuter than the bookshelves we have around the house! I saw you got a couple features. Way to go! Much deserved!

  17. It's so cute and creative too! I love the spindles and the beadboard. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  18. This is so cute! The washi tape really adds the perfect amount of spunky color! Thanks for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  19. What a great way to get some real use out of something so simple!
    I couldn't help but notice that the same project could easily fit into the kitchen to showcase a couple of favorite plates. The hooks could be used for cups or, over the sink, for dish cloths and towels.

  20. As always, you have a wonderful idea in many things! I never thought of this one before, the idea of adding a hook shelf into book shelf is totally awesome! My kids love reading books and they have tons of bookshelf in their mini library, this idea makes it wannabe. Cool!

    Sebastian of
    Gazebo and Bali Hut Super Store

  21. What a masterpiece! It doesn't even resemble the original, so much more interesting and functional this way. Congrats on being a contributor with Gail's blog.


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