DIY Coca-Cola Crate

Hey all!  Long time no see.

October really threw me for a loop this year.  I was completely swamped with all sorts of things.  Life is busy already, but when you throw in three family birthdays, my in-law's 50 wedding anniversary including a trip to Vail, an out of state marathon, and other family events, oh yeah, and Halloween.... I just had to take a short blogging break and focus on what was most important.

It is good to be back.  I did do a few fun projects during all that craziness.  Today I want to share this, oh so cute, DIY COLA-COLA CRATE...

I am seriously in love, and the funny thing?  I don't even like Coca-cola, or any soda for that matter.  But it is such an American icon, I couldn't help myself.
I am not keeping this crate, I gave it to a dear friend as a gift.  I love crates with flowers you can see HereHereHereHereHereHere, and Here.  Wow, I didn't realize I had made so many...I guess I really do love these, they make such a great gifts.  Cute and useful.
I started with this reclaimed wood I had gotten for free from a super old nursery in Boulder, CO.  I have A LOT left over... (Squeal)

I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial for this, because I have done so many crates, so I didn't take photos of the build, but in the end I decided to share anyway.  Sorry.  I made it very similar to these crates and the process is the same except the size of the wood and I added the cross dividers, so you could use that tutorial.  Or, Ana White has a great Soda crate caddy plan that is basically the same.  Hope that helps.
Anyway, while I was building I kept thinking of the handles and how I wanted to do them.  I find it fun and challenging to think of new options for handles.  Then I remembered my lamp shade basket and how I did the handles on that... I had to slap my head, hello?!  It was so obvious.

I ran and grabbed an empty laundry soap container (yes I save keep toys organized) and used a knife to cut the plastic, so I could yank out the wire handle with some pliers.  Awwwesome.

You can see above how lucky I was that my crate just happened to be the same width as the laundry soap tub, that never happens!  Okay, actually, I guess it does. :)
I found a drill bit that was the same sizes as the hole in the laundry tub.  Then I drilled into my crate.  Except, I wasn't thinking and didn't measure the hooked end in the wire handle and drilled the holes too far down.  So I drilled them higher on the other side while measuring with the wire handle. (not pictured)
With some shimmying and bending of the handle I was able to get the wire handles into the holes, then I bent it back to how it was supposed to be.  I covered the wire with painters tape and used left over spray paint to first paint the crate brown and then top it off with red.  Hooray for left over spray paint!

I used red because that is my friends favorite color.  I had no idea when I started this that I would end up doing the coca-cola symbol.  That just seemed like the ONLY option coming to my head, really, it was meant to I went for it.  I mean, old soda crates are super cool.
I found an image of the coca-cola symbol and converted it to an SVG file using a free online converter, (just google it) and then cut it out on contact paper to make a stencil using my cricut.  I cut two so I could put the symbol on opposite sides of the crate.  Then with hardly any paint on my brush I lightly filled in the stencil.
With a quick sanding (400 grit) I was done.  Totally fun!
This baby can cart up to 16 sodas!  Or 8 empty cream soda bottles if that is all you have. :)  It would be such a great home decor accent and I have been toying with the idea to make my own.  All sorts of things could be stored in this baby, art supplies, craft supplies, you name it...
And how about that handle?!  It makes it even more authentic, and looks so cute.  I added a chalkboard label that I made from a scrap of wood and chalkboard paint.  Drill some holes, add some twine and you have an instant sign.  The holes in the crate that the twine are going through are the ones that were too low down for the handle, so I added another one to make two holes, perfect for tying things to the crate.... great way to cover my mistake don'tcha think?
I always gravitate to the color blue, so it was fun that my friend loves red.  I think I may have to be a little more bold in my color choices for the future, because this color is speaking to me.  It is so bright and cheerful!
I love how this gift crate morphed into a fun Coca-Cola Crate.  Just imagine, you could re-create any type of soda crate you wanted!  My husband said I should do a blue one with the Pepsi symbol.  Maybe I will!

Do you like to use crates in your home?  I would love to know your great ideas, any excuse for me to make another crate!


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  1. HEY YOU!!!! Good to see you back! Sounds like you guys have been having a great time!!! I figured you have been busy!! This crate is absolutely adorable and I love it with the flowers in it!! You scored on that scrap wood lady!!! Keep em coming Mindi!!! Have a great week with the kids! Nicole xoxo

  2. Well I pinned it. And I got an idea from it too. Quit inspiring me, it's hard on my husband to keep up.

  3. LOVE this crate project Mindi. :) I AM a coke drink of choice, though I limit myself to ONE a day. Things really do go better with coke. LOL

    super job, LOVE the repurposed laundry handle for the DIY soda crate.


  4. Super cute project! How could one not love a Coca Cola crate.
    Thanks for linking it up to the VIP party.

  5. That is so cute! Pinning to our Monday Funday board! 2

  6. Mindi, I love this! I do not drink soda either, but this is very cute and nostalgic. I am also going to keep in mind about converting images to an SVG file (so many ideas) and since I am going through some paint cans, I am going to remember to save the handles! lol Thank you for that brilliant idea! :D

  7. This is way cute - LOVE it with the flowers inside! You should totally make one for you, too!!

    Okay, we both know how making something for yourself goes... But you can make one for me, and I can make one for you! ;-)

  8. Great job...I thought it was an old piece given a new life.....but nope! Awesome.

  9. I am truly in love with this project! there is no doubt that this will be in my Bucket list for projects to do.
    If you have a few minutes, love if you share this at my Fabulous Friday Party! Its truly a fabulous post

  10. Hello Mindi, I'm visiting from Kris' blog. I love all of your thrifty projects! I'm looking forward to hanging out here and getting tons of great ideas. I'm definitely a follower! Enjoy your day.

  11. Thanks Mindi for doing Spotlight this morning. It has been so much fun to let bloggers get to know you better. Love this project so adorable.

  12. So glad that you were featured by Kris. Isn't she the best? I looooove your blog and don't know how I've never found you. You are awesome! The kiddos are adorable! I look forward to seeing what you create. I know I'm going 2love!

  13. Dang cute Mindi! I love the red coca cola crates. What a great knock-off! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  14. You are so talented! Love this! Thanks so much for linking!

  15. Hey there! I've featured your crate at Worthwhile Wednesdays tonight!

  16. This is so cute Mindi! I love how you used the handle from the bucket. I love Diet Coke way too much! lol! I bet your friend loved it. So cute filled with flowers! So happy to have you share with Share Your Cup.

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  18. Love it! I'm a Coca Cola lover so, this speaks to me ;)
    What a great idea for the handle. You rock!

  19. I'm only a year late finding your site but I will be making this, hubby says I have to wait until tomorrow... But, can't wait!!! I really like your ideas and appreciate you sharing💗💗💗


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