He is the Gift

Merry Christmas!  I hope you have had a wonderful day!

I have been enjoying my family all day, most of us are still in our pj's!  Life is good!

We also just got family pictures, I thought you might enjoy this one...
MyLove2Create, Do Not Mess with me
Cracks me up...

I will be MIA on the blog for the next couple of weeks while I spend time with family for the Holidays.    I wanted to share this special video, and since my computer has been on the fritz lately, I mean it may die any minute...I will just have to share the link.  Here it is...He is the Gift.  I hope it works, it is a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about.

See you in January!




  1. HA!!! That is too perfect for words Mindi!!!! How adorable is your sweet crew!!! So many blessings you have!!! Wishing you everything wonderful in 2015!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Love that pic! Priceless!



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