Pallet Top Table

Holy cow, can you believe Christmas is just a week away?!  I am getting super excited, and my kids are counting down the days.

Life has been crazy busy and I didn't have time to share some of my Christmas projects with you.  Dang.

Maybe next week?  Or after Christmas?  Not sure if that works...any way, I do have a fun project from the fall that I shared on My Repurposed Life, where I contribute for the best person ever, Gail!!  It is my Pallet Top Table, and I love it.

This is a super easy project, I promise!   And who doesn't love things made out of beautiful pallet wood right?

MyLove2Create, Pallet Top Table

Here it is on my porch back when the weather was warm and the ground was green..."sigh."  Let's look at a before...
before of bench
This was another free find off of Craig's List and it has been collecting dust on my back porch (surprise, surprise).  As I walked past it one day I realized it would make a perfect little table to go with my wicker furniture makeover for holding drinks or books.
tighten legs and unscrew bench top
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It was pretty wobbly, which is why someone gave it away for free.  At least that is my guess, otherwise why would you throw away a cute little upholstered bench for free?  It took me a couple minutes to tighten the legs and it was rock solid sturdy.  I then unscrewed the seat top.
measuring and cutting plywood for top of table
There was NO WAY I was taking off the upholstery just to reuse the wood, instead I used some scrap plywood, because I had some, thank goodness!  I measured it to the seat and cut it with my Ryobi Circular Saw.  It fit perfectly!
cutting pallet wood into triangles
I had some pallets that I had broken apart, and the wood was just waiting for a project.  I thought it would be fun to try a pattern of some sort and eventually decided on triangles.  I set my saw to 30 degrees and started cutting.  I lined up my triangles on the plywood and cut until it was all covered.  Can you see my stack of pallet wood in the back?  I still have some left!
using gorilla glue to add pallet triangles
With all the pieces cut, I took them inside, so I could sit down :), and used my Gorilla Wood glue to set them in place.   Then I let the glue dry.
pallet wood glued to plywood
This is a front and back shot of what the pallet top looked like once the glue was dry.   Next, I just cut off the edges....
cutting off excess pallet wood
I started with my jigsaw and realized it was going to take for-ev-er, so I busted out my Ryobi Circular Saw again and it went really quick.
adding trim for a border
To cover up my edges I used this scrap wood that happened to be the perfect thickness, love it when that happens.  I had gotten it free from a cabinet maker years ago, in fact I still have a ton of wood from that gold mine.   I mitered the corners at 45 degrees and glued and nailed the edges on, then sanded the whole thing down to make it smooth.
Spray painting the base
I almost forgot the base!  I sanded it down, wiped it clean, and sprayed it with a half empty can of Rustoleum's Aqua.
MyLove2Create, Pallet Top Table
Here she cute little pallet top table!
MyLove2Create, Pallet Top Table
As you would guess, working with pallet wood, it is perfectly Imperfect.
MyLove2Create, Pallet Top Table
Loaded with color and character.  Oh, and I did do a clear coat to protect it, which brought out the richness in the wood.  Mmmmm :)
MyLove2Create, Pallet Top Table
It makes the perfect serving table, nestled between my wicker furniture, now I can sip away at my water while I watch the kids play....errr, next spring, when I don't live in a frozen tundra. :)
MyLove2Create, Pallet Top Table
I have this little cutie in the house for now, and I smile every time I see it.  It was so glad I tried a simple triangle pattern.

I think you should totally make one, I promise you won't be disappointed!  If you don't have a bench to repurpose, why not just add the pallet wood to an existing table?  It would be super easy and fun!

Super happy holidays to you all!


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  1. I love patterns and think this is super cool! I did a dresser top in a herringbone pattern once. I sanded the top down to level it out a bit and pushed the sawdust into the gaps. Then I put a couple clear coats on top to seal the sawdust in place..

  2. You're too kind Mindi! Thanks for the sweet words. I'm so lucky (and honored) to have you as my one and only contributor. :)
    Still love this pallet top table--so charming! Pinning!


  3. That is so stinking clever Mindi!! And it is just beautiful!! It almost looks woven! Wishing you a lovely Christmas with your sweet family!! Great job!!! Nicole xo

  4. that creates such an incredible pattern and texture. Love the holes of the nails, it gives it so much character

  5. Love those triangle pieces! Very unique design. I smiled when you wrote that you smile at the table every time you see it Good for you! Yay! :D That is what I call project gratification. lol

  6. The triangle pattern is so awesome! I love each and everyone of your projects, Mindi!

  7. Love the wood patterned top and your transformation is amazing!


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