Cubby Storage Rack

I am finally posting my Cubby Storage Rack that you saw in my Hall closet makeover last week, and boy do I love it!!  I had some set backs with sick kids (strep throat) this week, so I didn't post this at the beginning when I wanted to...

Since I put it up we have had two snow storms and it has passed the test with flying colors!  It is a MILLION TIMES better than what we were doing before.  Not a single item left on the floor.  Bam!  

You NEED one of these!  I have been wanting something like this for a long time, ever since I saw these DIY Rustic Wall Storage Bins.  In fact, I was going to just build them the same way and realized that I wanted mine to fit inside the door frame, and so I needed to use smaller wood.  I changed the plan to fit my space, which is the beauty of DIY! 
MyLove2Create Cubby Storage Rack

Lets get started!  This tutorial will give you the basic guidelines of how I built my cubby storage rack, and you can build it to fit your needs.
cut wood to build a cubby storage rack
The wood I used was reclaimed wood I had gotten for free.  It is very close to 1x4 boards, except it is only about a 1/4 inch thick and 3 1/2 inches wide, a 1x4 is 3/4 inch thick by 3 1/2 inches wide.

I measured my closet and determined how tall I wanted the shelf.  I also considered how many cubbies I wanted.  I had used an adult size pair of gloves and a hat to determine about how wide and tall each cubby needed to be...  I then cut my boards (see above).  The 54" boards are for the sides.  The 6 1/2" boards are for the bottoms of the cubbies, the top, and the ones that are not as wide are for support boards, I actually ended up cutting one more support board, so there total.  The 7 1/2 boards are for the front of the cubbies.
measuring out where to place the bottom of each cubby, and gluing and nailing them on.
After I cut the boards and sanded them I gave them two coats of poly before building.  I was easier to do it before I built because I didn't have to get in all the nooks and crannies.  I am glad I did!  The wood I used was naturally dark and so I didn't need to stain it, if you wanted to stain you would do it before you applied the poly, I am sure you already knew that. :)

I used painters tape to mark the boards every 9" inches so I knew where to glue and nail on the bottoms of the cubbies.  On the right you can see me nailing them on.  The painter's tape is on the back side so you can't see it, but it is there, and it was extremely helpful.
Attaching the other side piece to the cubby storage rack
Once I finished the first side, I added glue to the bottom boards and nailed them to the second side, again it had painter's tape as well, I had just removed it in the photo above.
Adding support boards and the front piece to the cubbies
On the left you can see I added my support boards at the top and bottom.  These were scrap pieces that had broken apart, and so they weren't straight, but I figured it didn't matter they would be in a closet...  Then I used glue and nails to nail on the fronts of the cubbies.
Using wood filler and stain to cover nail holes
I ended up filling the nail holes with some dark wood filler.  It is recommended to let it dry for 24 hours because it helps the wood filler take the stain better.  I decided not to wait (impatient) and went ahead and stained them as soon as the wood filler dried, it was close enough of me!   Once the stain finished drying I sealed it with one more coat of poly.
Places for attaching support boards onthe cubby storage rack
And I was done!  So easy!  I wanted to show where I added the extra support board, so I could screw it into the wall,  see above photo.
adding dollar store chalkboard labels to the front of each cubby
I thought about painting on some chalk board labels like I did on my Family File System, but then I remembered my awesome dollar store find.  I got a six pack of chalkboard labels for $1!  They work great!  I did reposition a couple of them and they didn't stick as well after that, but the others have stayed fine, not bad for a dollar, and it only took seconds to apply them.  :)  You can also buy these at craft stores, I am not sure if the quality is better, but I would assume so because they are more money, right?
pre drill holes in wood and wall for attaching screw wall anchors
I drilled two holes in the top and middle support boards (the one just above the bottom cubby).  Then I held the cubby on the wall where I wanted it, made sure it was level, and drilled through the holes in the wood right into the wall.  I then removed the cubby and used those holes in the wall as my marks to drill the bigger holes for my screw wall anchors.   I did this on the top and the bottom since no studs were where I wanted to hang my cubby rack, if you have studs you don't need the wall anchors.  After I hammered the anchors into the holes I held up the cubby rack and screwed right into my anchors through the support boards.  It is nice and solid!
MyLove2Create Cubby Storage Rack
I LOVE it!  Why did I wait to do this?
picture to show bottom support board screwed into the wall
In this shot you can see the bottom support board and you can "kind of" see the screws.  I had to lay on the floor for this shot.  Your welcome. (wink)
close up of cubby with gloves and hat
Every thing fits perfectly too.  A pair of gloves and a hat for each cubby.  No excuses not to put it away and easy to find when you need them.  Ahhh, happiness.
cubbies filled with hats and gloves
They are assigned oldest to youngest, top to bottom, so everyone can reach their cubby.  The numbers have been replaced with names and they all feel pretty proud to have their very own place to store their stuff.  I walked by the other day and saw a cute little stuffed monkey hanging out in my daughter's cubby, he looked very comfortable.
MyLove2Create Cubby Storage Rack
Isn't organization wonderful!?  Please share if you love this.  That way everyone can bask in the joy of having a spot for their stuff!  And it doesn't have to just store hats and gloves...


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    1. Hi Teri! I got my hooks from D Lawless Hardware online. They are AWESOME, and they sell them for a super great price! Here is the link to the ones I used in my hall closet.

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  18. Wow Mindi! That cubby storage for your closet is perfect! That IS the best thing about DIY, you can do it the way you want. :)

    ps I'm late check out out your post--I've already seen this on pinterest-and yes, I am pinning it!

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