Water Bottle Holder

Hey long time no see!!  Remember when I said, in my DIY Chalkboard Easel made from picture frames post, that I had a fun repurposed project to share?

Well, two weeks, two birthdays, and an anniversary later, I am finally getting it posted!  Best laid plans...lol!

Here is my DIY Water Bottle Holder!

Make a DIY Water Bottle Holder and stop the problem of cups over taking your counters, great for big families!  Tutorial at MyLove2Create.
Now let me tell you, this is great when you have a large family.

Imagine 8 people.  Wait, 8 thirsty people, it's hot.  Everyone uses a cup, forgets which one is their's and gets another one...5 times a day!!  

You get it.  I only have SO many cups and I would like to fill my dishwasher with something besides just cups.  :)  Something had to be done, then one day it hit me...I had made this holder for my daughter at the end of school and it was now just collecting dust.

What if I assigned everyone their own mug to put on the holder and then they would always know where to find it!?
Water Bottle Holder, MyLove2Create
I hit up the dollar store looking for mugs, but then realized that, while mugs would work, we are dealing with kids.  Kids break things.  So I was stoked to find these great water bottles with handles, and they had exactly 8.  It was perfect!  So I bought them.  

Now everyone has their own, I put names on the bottom with a sharpie, and they have a place to hang it so it doesn't get lost!  Works so far!  Anything to keep my life organized and sane right?  

Let's take a look at how this water bottle holder came to be, and find out why I made it in the first place.
broken spindles on chair
This chair came from my friend.  It was broken so she offered it "back" to me to use the parts.  I gladly took it.  I say "back" because I got this chair and 3 others from off the side of the road at our city clean up and gave them to my friend, because she needed them.  Funny how things come full circle.  :)   

The last week of school my daughter had her Market Day and she decided to make some cute little headbands to sell.  Of course I thought she needed some type of holder so she could display them neatly...and that is when I thought of this chair and it's great spindles...
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It took me all of thirty seconds to cut them from the chair, using my Ryobi Reciprocating Saw.  Here it is in fast time speed.  So easy!
spindles cut from chair, with sawzall
I guess I could have tried to cut them nice and even...but I was going to trim them down anyway so I just hacked them off. 
crib piece ready to repurpose for water bottle holder
I also had this crib piece that has been sitting around for years.  I have used other parts from this crib on some gift crates I made.
cutting crib piece for water bottle holder
I trimmed it down with my circular saw, making it the length I wanted.
cutting spindles for water bottle holder
And cut the spindles as well.  I cut some ends of the spindles with two bumps and some with one.
drilling holes for adding spindles to crib piece
I found a drill bit that was a little bigger than the spindles and clamped my crib piece down so I could drill holes.  I staggered them on all four sides, and tried to the spindles to see if they fit.  Just right!
drilling pocket holes to attach crib piece to base holder out of scrap plywood
Drilling pocket holes with my Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig made it very easy to attach my crib piece to a scrap piece of wood making my holder stand up.
gluing in crib spindles
I used gorilla wood glue to glue in my spindles.  You can see I also had previously sanded my crib piece to remove all the old paint.
spray painting water bottle holder white
I actually made this holder the night before my daughter needed it for school, and this was a 6 am spray paint job the morning of.  You can see the sun starting to rise...gotta love last minute projects!  
tee shirt headbands on holder
Ten minutes before school started I loaded her cute little headbands onto the holder, snapped a few shots, and rushed the kids to school before the bell rang!  Phew!
Market day head band holder, MyLove2Create
She was pretty proud of her headband display, and did a great job selling!  Of course she sold out, and even several boys bought some and wore them sweat band style.  It was cute!  She made these all by herself out of old tee shirts, well ok, I cut the strips, and hot glued the ends, but she did the rest!
It was a success and then we came home and my newly made holder had no purpose.  When summer hit and the cup problem started driving me CRAZY I realized that I could convert the headband holder into a Water Bottle Holder and hopefully solve my problem.
water bottle holder, repurposed
That is what I call a happy ending!  I love all the fun colors of the bottles, my daughter and I were glad the dollar store had at least two pink bottles.  Us girls have to stick together!  Oh and doesn't it look cute sitting on my Pallet Top Table?  Another fun repurposed project.
Water bottle holder, MyLove2Create
It is nice that I can take this outside for when the kids are playing or we are having a BBQ, but it resides mostly on the kitchen counter...that is now free of cups!!  Muahahhaha!!  

So do you have a cup problem at your house?  Or maybe you need a mug holder, or a jewelry holder?  This water bottle holder can be used for what ever you need, so go and get repurposing!  :)

P.S.  I finished my bed!!  Eeek!  I will be posting it next week! 

Happy 4th of July!

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  1. woohoo! Love that video. heheheh
    Mindi-your repurposed spindle project is perfect for so many uses.

    6 am spray painting? hahahah you're super mom!

    Happy 4th!!!

    be safe, have fun!

  2. Love it and would be so versatile. Pinned & sharing. Hope you have a great 4th of July. Thanks for dropping by the Inspiration Spotlight Party!

  3. SUCH a cute idea!!! I need one of these for pool towels. We've already got the cup-problem solved in our house (kids cups don't leave the kitchen and I had them pick out the 97 cent cups with characters from Walmart so they can tell who's is who's, and we just wash/reuse them because they're not allowed to get any other cups than that! HA!), but I'm constantly finding towels left on the floor from when they come in from the pool. Color-coordinated with a place to hang them? YES, PLEASE! Good thinkin', woman! xo

  4. Your little one is such a cutie! She's learning from her mama! Love this project, I can be used in so many ways!

  5. You always have the BEST ideas!! I hate our water bottles being all over the place. This would work well!

  6. How do you do that? Chair into water bottle holder...who knew! I also love the picture of your cute daughter and her headbands! Awesome! Again, how do you see the potential in such things?

    Great work as always! :)

  7. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, so we can party!!!! Lou Lou Girls

  8. Clever repurpose! This stand has so many possibilities. I can see you using it a lot! thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Love it and would be so versatile. Pinned & sharing. Hope you have a great 4th of July. Thanks for dropping by the Inspiration Spotlight Party!


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