Reclaimed Wood Media Console

Yippee!!  I am so excited to share my Reclaimed Wood Media Console with you, I have been thinking of making this project for a while so when Sandra from Sawdust Girl came up with the sCrap wood challenge I knew this was my excuse to get it done...and phew, it was a PROJECT!

Build your own Reclaimed Wood Media Console with Free plan from MyLove2Create.
I am loving it, but more importantly my husband and kids are super excited about it, and that makes its all worth it!  You see, we are a big "movie" family and so this baby is packed with awesome DVD storage, which it just what we needed.
Old media storage
Once upon a time (just this morning) this is what we were using.  It was a $200 cheap media center from Walmart that I bought over 6 years ago.  It had great DVD storage but we had out grown it and it was falling apart.
wood for legs
Several months ago I got these awesome boards from Craig's list for free, with a bunch of other wood and a cabinet that I turned into a bench.  From the moment I grabbed them I keep seeing them as the legs to a media console...and it just wouldn't leave me.  

In the photo above I was measuring them because they were the perfect width to fix my floating bed issue for my teen boys room makeover, but they ended up being too short in length, phew. :)
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
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So they fulfilled their destiny to become the beautiful legs to our new media console and I couldn't be happier with them.  *satisfied sigh*  

I wrote up some plans for this project and will give you specs of what I built.  Please note that I used all reclaimed/scrap wood and did not buy anything for this console besides the drawer slides, everything else I had on hand.  In my plans I will give you a cut list and dimensions, but not a material list, you can make it look reclaimed with new will see some of my wood needed this too...
How to Build a Reclaimed Wood Media Console
To Download these Plans click Here.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Cut List

4- 3 1/2'' x 2 1/2'' boards (You can use 4x4's ripped down 1 inch on one side) @ 30'' (legs)
2- 3/4'' plywood @ 11'' x 27''  (sides)
8- 2x4's @ 11'' (4 for side trim and 4 for support)
4- 2x3's @ 54 1/4" (aprons, or long supports)
3- 3/4'' plywood @ 16'' x 19'' (middle dividers)
1- 3/4'' plywood @ 54 1/4'' x 16'' (shelf)
1- 1/4'' plywood @ 55 3/4'' x 27'' (back piece, optional.  I only covered shelf area on back)
1- 3/4'' plywood (or you can use 1 1/2'' thick wood, to make a top to the correct size by piecing wood together like I did) @ 62 1/4'' x 16 1/2''

I will give the cut list for ONE drawer, my plan calls for four drawers, but you could modify it to have two drawers and shelving...make it to fit your needs! :)

One Drawer needs:
2- 1/2 plywood @ 12'' x 18'' (front and back)
2- 1/2 plywood @ 12'' x 13'' (bottom and middle) (just fyi, I would consider adding 3/4 inch plywood for only your bottom piece, it gives a little more area for attaching the drawer slides, if you do this you will need to make your front and back piece just a 1/4 longer.)
1- 1/2 plywood @ 13'' x 8 3/4''
1- 1/2 plywood @ 13'' x 8 1/2''
3- Five gallon paint sticks (free at Home Depot paint counter) (two are for top shelves, on will be ripped in half for bottom shelves or omitted because drawer slide holds DVD's in place.
1- 3/4 plywood @ 12 3/4'' x 18 3/4''  (drawer face, please wait and measure your drawer openings before cutting, sometimes you need to adjust, you need 1/8'' on all sides of your opening.)

*Pre drill all holes for screws first.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Start by connecting the legs to a side piece using 3/4 pocket holes and 1 1/4'' or 2'' pocket hole screws.  You can use longer screws because the legs are so thick, it just adds more support, but is not necessary.
cutting legs
 Here I am measuring and cutting the beloved legs!!
cutting sides
This old 1x12 was used for the side pieces, after I ripped it to size.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Kreg Rip-Cut?  :)  See the left over piece? I actually ended up using it later...
building sides
I used my Kreg Right Angle Clamp to secure it while I added the first screw, and of course don't forget the glue, my personal favorite is Gorilla Glue! 
building sides
Next up is attaching the 2x4 trim, use glue and finish nails.
cutting side trim
I used a really old weathered 2x4, which looks awesomely rugged, I loved the holes in it. :) 
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Next you attach the 2x3 long supports or aprons.  The bottom 2x'3 need to be 3'' up from the floor.  The middle supports on the bottom are for support and for a place to screw in the middle dividers later.
adding supports
Attach them with 2 1/2'' pocket hole screws and glue.  
attaching supports with pocket holes
I flipped the console over so the pocket holes are on the bottom, but they could be attached either way.  I also recommend using clamps when attaching with pocket hole screws.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Once you have all your support boards added you can add the middle dividers.  Attach them into the 2x3 and 2x4 support boards with pocket hole screws.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Then you add the shelf by attaching it to the sides and the middle supports with pocket hole screws.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
I measured out and marked where the middle support boards need to be attached, it makes it easier as you work (top right photo).  You can see my reclaimed wood shelf...let me show you how it came to be...
making shelf
I had to do some glueing of some 80 year old barn wood my friend had given me which has been used in several projects like my Cubby Shelf Revamp, Cabinet Doors into Children's Desk, and my Crib Turned Dog Crate, just to name a few. :)

I used my Kreg Rip-Cut and Ryobi Circular Saw to rip one board down, and screwed the two boards together with pocket hole screws.  The final shelf was so warped, that I ended up having to use it upside down in my media console...I didn't plan the pocket holes to go on top, but it was the best way it fit.  Oh the joys of working with reclaimed wood!
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
I wanted to show you a last minute change I made...I cut my middle plywood support pieces 3/4'' less than 16'' (15 1/4'') and then used scrap pieces left over from my sides and glued and nailed them to the front of my three dividers...just to keep the reclaimed wood look.  This is totally optional, but it gets rid of the plywood edge.  
building top
For my top, I needed to get creative.  I ended up using some left over 1 1/2 thick cedar planks my father-in-law gave me that were left over from when the city replaced his back fence.  I just had enough!  I cut them to the correct width and then drilled pocket holes with my Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig and used glue and 2 1/2 pocket hole screws to attach them together.
using keg rip cut
One of the planks was too long so I used my Kreg Rip-Cut and Ryobi Circular Saw to make it the correct width.  Since it was too thick for my circular saw blade to go all the way through, I cut one pass, flipped it over and cut all the way through on the second pass.
attaching top
To attach the top I flipped over the console and pre drilled holes through the 2x3's and drilled 2 1/2 inch screws into the top.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
For my drawers I pulled out all my scrap 1x2 plywood I could find, I ended up having to use mdf too.  I ripped enough for 4 drawers.  Brrr, it was cold!!
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
I drilled 1/2 pocket hole screws in the bottom pieces and middle supports for building the drawers, you will need 1'' screws for these small pocket holes.  I also used my Ryobi Nail gun to nail the dividers and front and backs.  It was very useful to measure where my dividers would be so I could accurately nail them together.

Making the drawers:
DVD Storage drawers step 1
Step 1: Attach the bottom to the front board, with pocket hole screws on the bottom side.  *I did not use 3/4'' wood on the bottom, but I would recommend it, for easier attaching of the drawer slides later.
DVD Storage drawer step 2

Step 2:  Attach bottom middle divider, using pocket hole screws or glue and nails.
DVD storage drawers step 3
Step 3: Add middle shelf.
DVD storage drawers step 4
Step 4: Add top middle divider.
DVD storage drawers step 5
Step 5: Add the back piece, using pocket hole screws and glue and finish nails.
DVD storage Drawers step 6
Step 6:  Add DVD stoppers.  I used 1/4'' 5 gallon paint sticks which are free at Home Depot.  for the Bottom I ended up ripping a paint stick in half so it wasn't too tall.  Then I just glued them all in place.
ripping paint stick with a jig saw
Here is how I ripped my paint stick with my Ryobi Jig Saw.  Gotta love it when you are winging it!  :)
cutting drawer fronts
You can do the drawer fronts any way you want.  I gave you the over all size, and made the look of two faux drawers, when there was only one, but you could make it look like one drawer as well.  For mine I used the wood pictured above, which was given to my by my father-in-law.  It was from an old pottery barn outdoor lounge his neighbor was throwing away.  He chopped it up and gave me the wood! :)  You can see my Kids Storage Bench I made from this same wood here.

I cut all the slats to size and spent FOREVER sanding them the cold!  Yeah I was really doubting myself at this point.  
Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig
But lets back up a minute and talk about installed drawer slides.  I used my new Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig.  You guys...I am not kidding, I do not know how I lived with out this!!!!  BEST jig EVER!  (and they are not paying me to say that!)  I love this thing and first used it on my kids lego tables from the boys room, which I hope to share with you soon!  

Anyway I needed the drawers inset 3/4'' back (so I could add my drawer fronts and have them flush with the front), so I jigged the jig, and added a 3/4'' stop so that my slides would be in the right place!  It worked great and they were super easy to install!  Yip yip yippee!

So yes, you need to install your drawer slide 3/4 back from the front of the middle dividers.  Use Full Extension 14'' Drawer Slides so that you have full access to your DVD's.
stain wood
My next task was making the piece look like it was meant to be together, instead of a bunch of mis matched wood, which is what it was.   I ended up using my good old natural stain, vinegar and steel wool, which I first used on my Camping Crate.  I used it on the console table parts that looked like newer wood.  Then I used Natural stain on my top and drawer front pieces.  I finished the whole thing with 3 coats of poly sanding with 400 grit sand paper between coats 1 and 2.
adding drawer fronts
 To build my drawer fronts I glued four boards together.  Then I installed my drawers, and put glue on the back of the four piece section.  Next, I placed it on the drawer and held it so that it was in the right place and then nailed it on.  You will need to leave 1/8'' on all sides.  Last, I added my bottom four piece section, and because I was out of shims I used table knives to hold them at the right height for nailing on the bottom piece.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Here are the dimensions for the drawer fronts.

spray paint handles
I was lucky to have 8 of these pulls I had gotten them for a $1 a 4 pack at the Restore forever ago.  They are not ideal, but I had no money, so they worked, plus they look sort of rustic-ish.  A quick coat of spray paint made them look the same. :)
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
See they work!  
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Our DVD storage has room to grow now!  
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
I gave my oldest son the task of organizing the DVD's and he did a great job!
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
When I designed these drawers I needed them to hold a lot with easy access, for the most part all the DVD's fit, only a few cases needed to be turned to the side...oh well!  So if you have odd sizes you might want to expand your drawer a little, or just omit the paint sick edges and glue it on the outside, which would totally work, since the drawer glide gives you 1/2 inch clearance on each side.  (I seriously just realized that as I was typing this up...geez!)
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
 I love the look of this console, I really gives off that Restoration Hardware vibe, which is always a good vibe to give off. :)
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
It is far from perfect, which is how it goes when you work with reclaimed and scrap wood, but I have learned to embrace the imperfections!
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
The color is so pretty, but I had a hard time capturing it on camera.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
This is the new look from the couch.  Much better right?
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
Sunny thinks so, she kept laying by it.  I had to bribe the kids to play with her so I could get some shots without her.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
I am glad I went for the faux drawer look...It kind of makes me happy.
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
And Sunny.  It makes Sunny happy too. ;)
Reclaimed Wood Media Console, MyLove2Create
We brought up this rug I had in the basement...since the other one had been chewed by the photo bomber above.  It may or may not stay, but for now it is a fun pop of color for our new Media console, and now...I just want to sit and watch a movie!  

Thank you for sticking with me on this marathon post!  If you haven't yet, I would love it if you linked up your own scrap wood project here!!  I need more ideas of how to use up my scrap pile, this project used a lot, but I still have a lot more!


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