Chalkboard Coat Rack, Styled X3

I am back today with a fun project!  A Chalkboard Coat Rack...

Make your own unique chalkboard coat rack featuring numbers leather coasters, tutorial at MyLove2Create
My friend Stacy from Not Just a Housewife does a monthly series called Styled X3, and I am honored to participate this month!
Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create Styled X3 with Not Just a House Wife

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Stacy selects an item for the month and then ships it to two other bloggers plus herself.  Then all three style the item anyway they wish, and you can stop and check out all three different ideas!  I love following this series, it is so fun to see how the same item can be used in different ways, and it always give me great inspiration.

Stacy sent Michelle (4 Men 1 Lady), and myself a set of Numbered Leather Coasters.
numbered leather coasters
I think they are super cute, and my first thought was coat I went with it.
looking for scraps to make Chalkboard Coat Rack
In my scrap pile and found a 1x10 scrap board which was the perfect size.  Then I spotted this scrap piece of chalkboard that I had left over from my DIY Chalkboard Easel, and of course I decided to add it as well.  Leave it to me to make a simple project a little more complicated, but hey that is what makes it fun, right?! :)
marking where to cut wood
I used some cut off scraps (they are almost the same width as 1x2's and started by measuring them around my chalkboard.  I marked where to cut, and then used my miter saw to get them the length I needed.
drilling pocket holes
Then I drilled 3/4'' pocket holes with my Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig in the small side pieces.  I used glue and 1 1/4'' pocket hole screws to attach them to the top piece.
first dry fit for Chalkboard Coat Rack
I decided to test it by doing a dry fit and see what I thought.  I liked it, but it felt a little...not finished.
second dry fit, adding 1x2's
So I grabbed some scrap 1x2's and cut two of them 1/2'' longer on each side and put one on the top and one in the middle.  Ahhh, much better.
building top frame using pocket holes and right angle clamps
Next, I attached the top frame to the middle 1x2 with pocket hole screws and glue.  You can see I am using my handy dandy Right Angle Clampsto help me out.  Love.
drilling pocket holes
Because I added the divider I needed to drill more pocket holes, again using my Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig.
adding chalkboard frame supports
I also was aware that I needed a way to attach my chalkboard.  I found a piece wood that was about a 1/4'' thick and cut it into small pieces to used as supports for my chalkboard to rest on.  If I had a longer piece of wood, I would have cut two long ones to fit the length of the frame on the top and bottom, but I was going with what I had.  I used wood glue and nails to attach it to the corners and middle of the frame opening.
attaching top 1x2
Once all my chalkboard supports were attached I glued and nailed on my top 1x2 with my Ryobi Nail Gun.
adding bottom 1x10 board for coat rack
Then I used a 1x2 as a support to hold up my 1x10, as I screwed in the pocket holes attaching it to the middle 1x2.  I made sure to use wood glue here too.
Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create
Here it is at this point.  I decided to off center my too support pieces to avoid the knots in the wood, sometimes nails don't like to go through knots very well. :)
steel wool and vinegar stain
I went with a natural stain.  To make it you use: 1 piece of 0000 steel wool shredded up into a jar, pour white distilled vinegar over it until it is covered, put the lid on, and let it sit for a couple of days.  Then all you do is paint the wood with it and watch it change before your eyes.  So cool.
dry brushing white paint to add texture
To help the wood have more texture and variation, I took white craft paint and a chip brush, loaded and unloaded the paint (until there was hardly any left on the brush) and lightly brushed it onto the wood.

using scrap wood as spacers
In order to easily space my coasters and hooks I used some scrap wood as spacers.  This saved me time on measuring, cause I am lazy, and only measure when absolutely necessary.  I did measure from side to side. :)
attaching leather coasters to wood with carpet tacks
I used carpet tacks to attach my leather coasters to the wood.  They are super easy to hammer in and look great too.
using hot glue to attach chalkboard
Last, I gave my chalkboard supports a generous amount of hot glue and then set the chalkboard in place and held it until the hot glue dried.

Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create
Woo hoo!  I knew these coasters would look great on a coat rack!  :)
Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create
I love the hooks too, I got them at Walmart.
Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create
I am glad I decided to add the 1x2's I think they give it that extra oomph.  Plus you need a place for your chalk if you have a chalkboard, and this little ledge is perfect.
Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create
I am going to hang this in my younger boys room, since I just did my older boys room and they have their own coat rack.
Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create
I also think it would look pretty great in a kitchen for keys and purses, and of course quick notes and shopping lists.
Chalkboard Coat Rack, MyLove2Create
So what do you think?!  I kind of love it, and my kids are super excited about it too, which makes it even better!

Now don't forget to head on over and check out Stacy and Michelle and see how they styled their coasters!


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  1. I LOVE this! I put mine up temporarily since we are still in the process of getting the boys' room done but when I put them up for real, I may have to steal this idea :) Thanks for participating and I love that we had a similar idea :)

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    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

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  16. This is such a cute project! I love how you used the coasters.

  17. I really love this idea. Perfect for putting right next to the door to make it easy for the kids to grab their coats and to leave the messages.


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