Creativity Unleashed No.111, and a HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

Welcome to Creativity Unleashed!
So glad you could join us this week!  HomeRight has one of their best products for you, a HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer (affiliate).  I use mine all the time and LOVE it!!  Make sure to enter, you could win!! :)

If you're new here, Creativity Unleashed is a place for you find some inspiration and show off your own creativity! At the bottom of this post you'll find hundreds of links to amazing projects, recipes, crafts, and tutorials, so if you're looking for ideas for your next project, you've come to the right place!

The party starts Thursdays at 7pm ET and runs through the weekend. It’s hosted by Practically Functional, One Project Closer, The DIY Village, Here Comes The Sun, One Artsy Mama, and My Love 2 Create. If you're a blogger and want to share your own recent projects, you only have to link up once to be seen on all six blogs! That's six times the exposure for each of your projects! Plus, every week, each host will pick a Rockstar from the projects that were linked up that week, for a total of six Rockstars. Then we will open up voting for MEGA Rockstar of the week. Make sure to scroll down and vote for your favorite project below, and the project with the most votes will be the MEGA Rockstar of the week!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and boy do we have some great themed features this week!  Yummy, green is good!  Please vote for your favorite below...I know, it is sooo hard to choose!

Mint Macarons - The Crafting Foodie
St. Patrick's Day Candy Spoons - Totally the Bomb
Boozy Shamrock Shake Cupcakes - Cooking with Curls
Mint Oreo Truffles - Hoosier Homemade

So who will be this week's Mega Rockstar?!

Besides the awesome title of "Mega Rockstar of the week", here's what the winner will receive:

  • Tons of exposure from everyone who casts a vote in the contest! (All six Rockstars for the week will get this!)
  • Each of the six Rockstar projects will be pinned to the Creativity Unleashed Fabulous Features Pinterest board! (All six Rockstars get this too!)
  • The MEGA Rockstar project will be featured on all of our social media networks (that's FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+ shoutouts from six different bloggers!!!)
  • Each host will visit the MEGA Rockstar's blog that week and we'll pin a bucketload of any other great content we find to some of our largest group boards!
  • The MEGA Rockstar of the week will get an invite to our secret group Pinterest board where you can pin your own great content. We go through that board each week when we are looking for great, new content to pin, so this means that even months after you've won the MEGA Rockstar of the week, we can still find and pin your newest awesome content!
  • The MEGA Rockstar will be invited to our MEGA Rockstars Facebook group where we discuss, collaborate, and help promote each other!   


Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to all residents of the U.S., ages 18 and over.a Creativity Unleashed giveaway 
Creativity Unleashed Guidelines:
  1. Help us choose the MEGA Rockstar winner from last week by casting your vote above!
  2. Feel free to share any of your latest projects, as long as they are your projects!
  3. Please don't link up Etsy shops, giveaways, link parties, etc.
  4. Link directly to a specific post, not your home page.
  5. Link up your newest projects! Please don't share ideas you've already shared before.
  6. By linking up, you're giving us permission to feature your photos and project on our blogs. Images will always be featured with proper credit and a link back.
Link up your DIY projects, decor, crafts, and recipes below!



  1. Mindi, thanks to you and the ladies for hosting! Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  2. According to my son my favorite colors are white and minty green! Mint green definitely and in decorating I sure do use a lot of white. :)

  3. Green is my consistent favorite. However, I've been loving pops of red :)

  4. colors of orange, burn orange for sure

  5. I'm in a blue phase blue, tiffany blue, baby blue, turquoise blue but only blues that have a bit of white added to them to give them a lighter pastel quality!

  6. My favorite colors are whites and greys.

  7. My favorite color is baby blue.

  8. My favorite color is baby blue.


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