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Happy Friday friends!!  

It is time for another fun building challenge!  This month my friend Katie at Addicted 2 DIY is hosting and she picked the Great Outdoors Challenge!

Basically any outdoor building project will work, so I am going to share my X Planter that I made to go with my X Arbor with Bench that I posted last week. 
Build a beautiful x planter with free plans and a picture tutorial at My Love 2 Create
I am so loving them!!  I made two, one for each side of the arbor bench.  :)

X planters free plans at My Love 2 Create
Now my arbor isn't lonely anymore!  
X planters, My Love 2 Create
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And I am in X heaven.  This obsession needs to stop...eventually. :)

Would you like to make your own?  

Click Here for the PDF X Planter Plans and be sure to read through my tutorial below as well, for more tips on the build.

*FYI- I recommend using an exterior grade plywood that will ensure a longer life for your planters as the glue is made to withstand the elements.  Another option is MDO, or medium density overlay, which is engineered plywood with a resin treated fiber applied to both faces, which creates a smooth finish and makes it great for the outdoor elements.
using kreg rip cut
I started by cutting my wood.  I had some 1/2'' plywood left over from another project so I used it instead of 3/4'' plywood.  I used my Kreg Rip-Cut and Ryobi Circular Saw to cut my side boards.
building planter sides
Then I drilled pocket holes in my plywood.  To build, I set the plywood on the 11'' 1x2 trim pieces and then attached the plywood to the legs with pocket hole screws and wood glue.  Then I attached the 1x2 trim pieces to the front of the plywood, you can do this step first before attaching the plywood to the legs, either way works.
building planter box
Once I had two sides done I added a third, and then the last side.  Then I added the 1x2 trim, to the plywood sides (not pictured). 
adding long x piece for x planter
For attaching the x pieces I cut the first board with the correct angles.  Then I used it as my template for all the rest of the boards.  In the top left I marked the board, then I cut my 42 degree angles.  Then I flipped it over and used my template board to mark the other side (top right) and cut my 48 degree angles.  The plans have all the details on what angles you need to cut where, I recommend marking your boards for what direction it will be placed on your planter, and mark front and back, trust me, it makes it easier. 
adding long x piece
I glued and nailed the long x pieces into place with my Ryobi nail gun .
adding short x pieces for x planter
Then I added the smaller x pieces.  I used my template board for these as well.  The "straight" edges that meet up with the long x piece, are actually cut at a 7 degree angle. 
building top frame for planter box
For the top I decided it was easier to glue and nail the four 1x3 boards together first.  I added glue to the mitered ends and nailed into each side with 2 inch nails.  Then I added glue to the top of the planter and nailed on the top.  The 1x3 boards leave a 1/2'' over hang on the outside and inside of the planter.
measuring planter height
For building the bottom or shelf, you can put it where you need it.  I wanted my planter to fit perfectly so I measured it for where to place my shelf supports.
attaching planter box shelf
I screwed on the 1x2 shelf supports, and then added some scrap wood for my shelf.  You could add dirt and plant you own plants or put in an actual planter like I did.
X planters, My Love 2 Create
That is all there is to it...except for finishing.  I really really loved them natural.  I wanted to stain them...but they had to match my arbor, which I also wanted to stain...but you can read about that in my arbor bench post
X planters, My Love 2 Create
I am glad I snapped a few photos before I painted them...
X planters, My Love 2 Create
They are so perfect for a porch!
spraying planters with home right finish max
I did end up spraying them with my HomeRight Finish Max , I should have caulked the seams first, but thought I could get away without it...wrong.  Paint shows everything, so after one coat of paint I caulked and then finished off with one more coat of paint.  It made a huge difference.

X planters, My Love 2 Create

Even if I had to paint them, I still love how they look!  
X planters, My Love 2 Create
They make my yard look pretty.  And it looks like my grass needs cutting, spring really is here!  Woo hoo!

And now for the Great Outdoors Challenge!!  Are you ready to rock this?!!

Not only can you participate by linking up your own project, but you can get some amazing inspiration...
Great outdoor challenge and X planters, My Love 2 Create

From my blogging friends that are sharing their outdoor projects today!  Be sure to stop by!

Have fun linking up!  Don't forget to share so everyone can participate!


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  1. woohoo! Mindi! I love your planters. They do look fabulous (natural) on your porch, but on either side of your outdoor arbor with bench, they just make me smile. I can't believe you didn't paint them blue. heheheh



  2. Wow, Mindi! The planters are beautiful! Especially next to your stunning arbor bench! You are right, they can go just about anywhere and fit right in.

  3. Those planters next to your arbor look like something straight out of a magazine! Seriously, great work!

  4. Love these planters. They looks really simple to make as well.

  5. Oh Mindi, you've outdone yourself with these planters...they are so cute! They look fantastic flanking your arbor.

  6. Had to catch up this morning on everything you've been up too, and as usual I love it all. I'm fighting the urge to look at planters though - I'll want some but don't have a green thumb.

  7. I love the detail on the side... makes them look very classy. I like being able to just drop a planter in, which is easier to clean up when the season is over. (visiting from BragAboutIt)

  8. I love the detail on the side... makes them look very classy. I like being able to just drop a planter in, which is easier to clean up when the season is over. (visiting from BragAboutIt)

  9. Love the planters! Thank you for sharing the plans with us at Brag About It! Pinned to share.

  10. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. I love your tutorial and project! Pinned for later.

  11. Every time I see something you make, my jaw drops. You are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. These are awesome! I love them white, there by the arbor, the perfect space to relax! :)

  13. will the plywood hold up in the weather conditions outside?

    1. Hi Peter, that is a great question, and honestly the plywood I used is not best for outdoor use. My planters will probably not last as long because of it. However they have stood up great so far! I would recommend an exterior grade plywood or MDO ("MDO, or medium density overlay, it's engineered plywood with a resin treated fiber applied to both faces. This gives an extremely smooth finish that is easy to paint. In addition it's rated for exterior use, which means it is safe from the elements, insects, or other outdoor hazards, making it a perfect choice for the new deck or porch").
      The glue in normal plywood is not exterior grade and will not hold up as long. Hopefully that helps, and I am glad you asked I will make sure to include this in the post!

  14. You didn't any instructions on how to build the legs. They look like solid pieces of wood. Are they solid 2x2's?

  15. Thanks for the tutorial. I saw these outside of the Ritz in Paris in @3x3 ft and I'm planning on super sizing your plans for my project.


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