Modern Rustic Buffet

Hello!  I just want you to know that I love sharing projects with you!!  When I create I am hoping to inspire a desire for you to create as well.  This is why I love doing tutorials and building plans, I want you to be inspired, so I hope somehow, some way you start creating.  It doesn't have to be a big project, start small...but watch out, you just might get hooked!

Today I am happy to share my latest build.  This was really a fun project for me, I wanted it to be a simple build, but be useful and look pretty!  I am loving the results!
Build your own Modern Rustic Buffet with free building plans and picture tutorial at MyLove2Create

I think I nailed it, just what I was hoping for!  I am excited to team up with Build Something, Kreg's new DIY Project and Plan Site, to bring you free building plans for this Modern Rustic Buffet.  So hop on over to check them out!

As always I will share a picture tutorial of the process here.  Enjoy!
ripping plywood with Kreg Rip cut
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To save on plywood I designed my buffet to only use one sheet.  I had the Home Depot guy rip it into small sections so I could fit it in my van.  Then I used my Kreg Rip-Cutand Ryobi Circular Sawto cut down the pieces to size.
building buffet frame
I started by building the frame.  I drilled 3/4'' pocket holes into the sides and divider pieces and attached them to the top and bottom pieces with 1 1/4'' pocket hole screws.  I always use my Kreg Right Angle Clampas my extra set of hands.
using a Kreg Jig to to attach shelves
I used my Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig to drill my pocket holes, man I LOVE this tool, it makes building soooo easy!  Then I attached my fixed middle shelves.  You can see I am using some cut down paint sticks as spacers.  I used them so I didn't have to measure. :)
checking the project for square
Once I got my frame built I checked for square.  If you measure from corner to corner on each side the measurement should be the same.  If they are not your piece is not square.
creating adjustable shelves with a Kreg shelf pin jig
I decided that I wanted my side shelves to be adjustable, just in case I needed some thing tall in one of the cabinets.  I pulled out my Shelf Pin Drilling Jigand drilled holes for my shelves.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw a sneak peek of this the other day...and maybe got a song stuck in your head... hee hee!
using scrap wood to piece together a shelf
For one of the shelves I had to do some piecing of my plywood to make it the right size.  It was totally worth it, not to have to purchase more!  The left over plywood on the left was cut to size and then I used pocket holes to attach them together to create the size I needed.
building cabinet doors
I built my doors with 1x4's and a 1x6.  I didn't realize that my 1x4's weren't exactly 3 1/2'' wide and they were a little short for the cabinet openings...ugh!  I ran to Home Depot and got some trim that was a 1/4'' thick and ended up trimming the width of the doors so that I could add it on all four sides instead of just the top and bottom.  They turned out perfect!  Phew!

Oh, and you can see I glued the door pieces together, and then used free 5 gallon paint sticks to secure them while they dried.  I glued and nailed them to the boards with my Ryobi Nail Gun.
painting buffet
Since I had to paint at night I used a foam roller.  Sunny is my ever faithful companion when I work...isn't she sweet!  I decided to paint my frame white and just used BEHR Ultra White in Semi Gloss.

I stained the doors and legs with Minwax Dark Walnut, but obviously I forgot to take photos of the process.  I made sure to use pre-wood conditioner before I stained.  I also finished them with 3 coats of poly, sanding with 400 grit sandpaper between coats 1 and 2, which makes for a nice smooth finish.
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
I am such a sucker for pretty wood, and those legs...ummm.  The pictures don't do them justice.
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
I also love the stained and painted contrast on furniture,  it sort of brings me joy. :)
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
Now, if you have a keen eye, you will notice my dishes...they are not nice ones...because quite honestly the nice ones I have were the wrong color... #bloggerproblems
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
On the inside you can see there is lots of storage room.
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
You can also see my magnetic door catchers.
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
I used small knobs and small butt hinges so that you would only focus on the wood doors, and not the hardware.
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
I decided to style a Christmas theme, but honestly I didn't dig out too many decorations so this is the minimalist approach, and I think I like it that way. :)
Modern Rustic Buffet, MyLove2Create
Regardless it is perfect for storage and entertaining, and just in time for the holidays!   I could even see it used as a console if you wanted...  

I am adding my cost breakdown for those who have asked in the comments!

1- 3/4'' plywood sheet:  $39.98
1- 1x6x6 board: $5.79
2- 1x4x8 furring strips: $4.14
1- 1/4 plywood (I got underlayment): $11.97
2- magnetic door catchers: $1.96
2- door knobs: $5.98
1 pack shelf pins: $1.87
2- butt hinges: $4.96
14 feet of 1/4 x 3/4 screen moulding (trim I used for doors): $7.84
4 leg mounting hardware pieces: $11.92

I got the legs several years ago for free from someone on Craig's list, so unfortunately I don't have information on where they came from, sorry!  Since I had those on hand as well as paint, stain, and finish, I did not include those in my cost.

My total: $96.41 plus tax, Not bad folks!!! 

Build your own Modern Rustic Buffet with free building plans and picture tutorial at MyLove2Create


Disclaimer:  I have partnered with Build Something to bring you these plans, all opinions, thoughts and design ideas are my own.  #sponsored

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  1. Mindi your buffet is awesome, love that modern rustic style! Those legs are perfect and I love how you trimmed out your doors.

  2. You totally rock! I LOVE this project! The two tone is awesome and those legs, btw where did you get them?

  3. I'd love the leg info as well. Can I ask your budget for this piece? Love it!

    1. Thanks Taylor! I have edited the post to include my cost bread down. I wish I knew where the legs were from, I got them from Craig's list for free from a woodworker a few years ago. I was lucky to score a whole box of cool vintage legs, and these were one of them. Sorry!

  4. Love this! Did you make the framed snowflakes also? <3

    1. Thank you! Yes I made the snowflakes a few years ago, hopefully I can post about them this year, I keep forgetting! :)

  5. Super nice, i made something quite similar just a month ago with a dresser

  6. I was wondering about the raw edge of the plywood, did you finish it with anything before painting it, wood putty, edging, veneer? It looks clean and finished in the pictures. I love your new piece!

    1. I choose not to cover the plywood edges with veneer because I was not staining it, I would recommend using a veneer if you stain. You can use a veneer if you are painting, it will make the edges super smooth and very professional, it only takes a few extra steps. I am cheap and lazy ;) so I just filled any cracks with spackle and sanded it smooth, once you paint it it is hardly noticeable. So personal preference wins the day! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    2. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I knew you had to have done something there I just wasn't sure what. I am also cheap! 😊 I'm building some built-ins bookcases and I think I'll try that since I have no more money! Part time pastor's wife's have no money for a decorating budget! 😊 lol. Thank you for all the great projects to spur our creativity!

  7. This is very well done, you should be proud of it. I bet it will be used all the time for not only storage but for decor and serving. Beautiful

  8. This is gorgeous! Wow! I would love to have one like this. I love your tutorial and breakdown of the price to make it.

  9. Oh how I love this! You did a beautiful job...

  10. What a great project, well done! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Dishing It & Digging It & congratulations on being featured this week!

  11. You amaze me with the incredible things you build! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Your buffet turned out so pretty. I love the rustic details yet modern look!!

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  15. This is amazing! So glad I found your blog.


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