Long Hexagon Tray

Wow it has been a super busy week, boy am I glad it is Saturday!  

Today I am going to share my Long Hexagon Tray with you... and I am not going to lie, I seriously love this thing.  

Trays = Happiness  :)
Long Hexagon Tray Plans, build your own unique decorative tray for your home, MyLove2Create
I am also sharing this over at Remodelaholic: click here to check it out!

How to make a Long Hexagon Tray: 

Long Hexagon Tray Plans, MyLove2Create

2- 1'' x 2'' x 8' boards
Satin or paint
Sand paper
Wood glue
Nail gun and finish nails
Bar clamps
Miter Saw

Step 1:  After making your cuts glue and clamp tray bottom pieces together

Glue your bottom boards together with wood glue and then clamp them using bar clamps while the wood dries.  You can wipe off the extra glue with a damp rag after you clamp.  If you are staining make sure to do this, because dried on glue does not take the stain.

Once the glue is dry remove the clamps and sand the tray bottom smooth.  

gluing bottom pieces of tray together

Step 2: Measure and Cut your Tray Sides and attach them to the tray bottom

Measuring and cutting sides of tray
You can use the measurements in the cut list or you can measure and mark your tray sides to your bottom tray piece (after it is glued together) as you go.  I prefer this method to ensure a good fit.

I like to mark and cut as I go, it is up to you.  Your short ends should line up with the ends of the tray bottom.
getting perfect tray edge cuts
Once you have one of the short pieces cut you can use it to cut the other three to the same size.  I set the cut board on top and make sure the ends are flush (top left), then I mark the board to be cut on the other side (top right).  In the bottom photo you can see I place the blade right on the edge of my marked line and cut.
how to get perfect cuts for a framed tray
Then I cut the long sides the same way. I always double check to make sure they fit to my tray bottom by placing them around it.

Step 3: Attach tray sides to the bottom.

Attaching tray edges
Using wood glue attach each tray side one at a time and work your way around until all pieces are in place. 

Nail through the lower half of the sides into the tray bottom with 2'' finish nails.  Once you have attached all the sides, go back with 1 1/4'' finish nails and secure the mitered corners on each side for extra strength.  

You can check out my Triangle Hexagon Tray for even more tips and tricks on building!

Step 4: Finish and Enjoy!

staining hexagon tray
Fill all holes with wood filler, sand smooth, and stain or paint your tray as you desire!

I use a pre-wood conditioner before I stain on soft woods like pine.  Then I stained my tray with Rustoleum's Kona.  I had started with a lighter stain, but didn't love it so I finished it off with the dark and it was just what I wanted!

I ended with 3 coats of poly sanding with 320 grit between coats 1 and 2 to make it nice and smooth.

This tray is so pretty and unique and it adds such charm to any space.
how to build a table top tray
Plus could be used in any room in the house.  A perfect decor accent or place to keep things organized. 

easy DIY hexagon tray
 It would look so great on dresser to catch your jewelry at night.
How to make a DIY Tray
Or put it in the kitchen for holding flowers!
Make a decorative trayTrays can add that perfect touch to any decor item.

how to make a DIY decorative hexagon tray
It also looks great in the living room sitting on my Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table!
plans too build a hexagon tray
Plus it would be a great place to hold remotes, if you are prone to loosing them.
Make a DIY Tray hexagon
It would also look great in the bathroom holding lotions and soaps!  So many ideas!

Click here to purchase and download the Long Hexagon Tray Plans.

This tray can be used in so many different ways in the home, what would you use it for?




  1. Mindi! You rock the angles again! I love your hexagon tray.



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