Bathroom/Laundry Room, One Room Challenge Week 1

So I decided to do the One Room Challenge again.  

A few words come to mind...Insane, crazy...impossible.  And yet, here I am.  

But this is what I am inspired by...
Bathroom/Laundry Room Makeover design inspiration

It is so pretty, the white and grey and warm wood tones.  Yes beautiful.  Everything my basement bathroom/laundry room...isn't.

If I can pull this off you guys, then miracles truly do happen!  Because this is what I have to work with...
Laundry room side
My Laundry room/bathroom in the dark dingy basement.  It isn't as dark as it used to be, one of the first things I did was paint those can see how bad it was in my Laundry/Bathroom Cabinet Makeover.

But look at the ceiling...water damage on the right from "splashing out of the tub in the bathroom above."  I think the real story is something like, "Mom I accidentally left the bathtub running for a million years and forgot about it."  There was 3 inches of water on the floor in this basement bathroom and bubble of paint hanging down from the ceiling when I came home.  Splashing?  I don't think so.  If you look to the left on the ceiling there is missing drywall from a repair from a few years back to the toilet drain above.
bathroom vanity side
Here is a shot from the other side.  Very outdated, and the vanity top is bubbling up around the sink.  In that tall cabinet resides a laundry stuff!   All of this is coming out, but not the laundry shoot, it stays and hopefully my plans for that area can come to pass. :) I am still processing what I want to do, but it will be open...

If I can manage I would LOVE to build a new vanity, but time is my enemy, especially now that I am working full time.  Which is why I haven't had much time for projects lately, or blogging, I have been trying to "adjust" to my new schedule.

So why do I think I will have time to do this bathroom?  Good question.  It is track season with 3 kids running, I have a Senior, and 6 kids total, a dog, a cat, and only nights and weekends that will be spent mostly at track meets...I guess I won't be sleeping. :)

I did say crazy, right?!  Mmmmkay.  Glad we cleared that up.
toilet and shower side
Turing to the other side it doesn't look much better.  In fact, the pictures make it look better than it does in real life, because honestly, the closer you get the worse it looks.  Trust me.
outdated shower
The shower hasn't been used for a year because it wasn't draining, and that tile at the bottom...yep not good.  This is all getting ripped out.
outdated vanity
I would really like to replace the bathroom door, but with a limited budget, it may just get paint.
old vinyl bathroom flooring
And the floor.  Ugh, it has really gotta go.  The old vinyl is peeling up at the edges and has big gouges in places.
Laundry room and bathroom
The non matching washer and dryer will probably stay since I can't afford new ones.  Luckily they work, which is good because they are getting used daily.  Which means they have to be hooked up most of the time during this renovation, because I won't have a second to spare to visit the Laundry mat.

I would love reclaimed wood shelves above them and need to find some way hide that hideous dryer vent.  Boy, just writing this is making me anxious...I need to get to work!
Bathroom/Laundry Room Makeover, One Room Challenge Week 1 at MyLove2Create
So how does the One Room Challenge Work?  Well first check out the last room I did my Teen Boys Bedroom Reveal.   This post has links to all the weeks of the challenge and you can see how much work is involved!

Then you need to go check out all the other people participating.  We will be linking up at One Room Challenge each Thursday with updates on our rooms, and getting inspired to work hard and complete what we started in 5 extremely short weeks!!!

I am excited to do this, I know it will be a challenge, but I don't plan to do it alone!!  I will take any help I can get from my kids, and friends that are willing.  I know my limits and so a little help can go a long way just like in my sister's Closet Laundry Room Makeover.

Which in and of it's self was a small miracle.

And I believe in miracles! ;)

Thanks for following along, this is going to be EPIC!!!!!

Bathroom/Laundry Room Makeover, One Room Challenge Week 1 at MyLove2Create



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