Bathroom/Laundry Room Progress, One Room Challenge Week 5

So here we are, week 5 of the One room Challenge.  I am going to show you my Bathroom/Laundry Room Progress...and then we all need to pray...for reals.

And I am not even kidding. 
Bathroom/Laundry Room Progress, One Room Challenge Week 5, MyLove2Create

If you read my Bathroom/Laundry Room, One Room Challenge Week 1 post then you know I talked about miracles...

Now is the time for those miracles!

The reality of just getting this far is pretty amazing...that is a TON of beautiful tile!!  And I have more!  Yes...more tiling to do, but you will just have to wait for the reveal because I didn't have a chance to get to it this week.   
How to install a dryer vent into the wall
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Instead, I solved the problem of getting the dryer vent into the wall.  My friends husband was a great help with installation.  I used a Recessed Dryer Vent Box, which will be super nice to have.

Working full time and taking care of my kids and going to all their end of the year events takes most of my days, so help from friends has saved me a ton of time rather than me doing everything by myself, which is what I usually do.
cutting dryer duct around cement
The duct work that goes from the inside to the outside needed to be trimmed down.  That is how much it was sticking out of the wall into the bathroom!  I am sooo glad it will be hidden now!

I used a hack saw to cut the top and then I just pushed down on the sides and it ripped of right around the cement!  Then I replaced the vent cover.  I am able to clean out the vent from the outside, so I can keep that up every six months.  It looks like I still need to clean a little more. :)
patching drywall
Next up was drywalling!  Woo hoo.  I know how to drywall, I had to learn when I did my Teen Boys Bedroom Reveal, but I was so grateful for some friends helping do the drywall and mudding and taping while I ran my kids places!

There was a lot to do!  They were amazing!
moving a light fixture electrical box
We also did some electrical.  Replacing plugs and moving my vanity light over.  I didn't want a bar light and I wanted it centered over the vanity...soooo we made it happen and it took some serious team work to get that light box in with two pipes in the way!  That is my drill inside the duct work! (top right)

We used something similar to This for the light box, and eventually we were able to screw it to the studs.  Phew!
grouting a shower and bathroom wallWhile the first coat of mud on the walls dried my friend and I did some grouting!  Finally!!! 

It look us a little bit to get the hang of it, but once we did things went pretty well.  We started with the shower and then the tile around the toilet.  I choose to use Fusion Pro Single Component Grout, because it doesn't have to be sealed!!!  Best choice EVER.  It saved me time and was only a small amount more money than using regular grout and sealer.
grouting a tile floor
After grouting the walls we moved to the floor.  Can you believe it took so long? I finished the floor 2 weeks ago!  
fusion pro grout for a tile floor
Grouting the floor was super fast, and so easy with this tile and grout.  We got all the grouting done Saturday night so it could sit and rest on Sunday.  A day of rest for all of us, even the tile. ;)
moving vanity plumbing
The plumbing for the vanity was moved over by the same friend that helped with the shower.  He patched it and it got the first coat of mud.
fixing the washer lines and drain
And of course while we just started closing walls up, we decided to open up another one.   The washer valves and pipe were worked on, and still look this way today, so yeah...can you see why I need a miracle?  SO MUCH TO DO IN A WEEK!!
Bathroom/Laundry Room Progress, One Room Challenge Week 5, MyLove2Create
Here is a shot before the washer wall got opened up.  Look at that grouted floor!!  Yippee!!
shower and wall tile
Texture needs to happen on the patches, but it is so nice to have a ceiling filled in!  That open part is for the HVAC vent.
tiled shower
The mosaic tile still needs to be grouted...

Not to mention the rest of the shower needing to be put back together.
tiled wall around toilet
And a toilet?  Who needs a toilet!?!

So there you have it.  One week and I have a mountain of work to do!

I think I want to cry, but I am determined to finish strong!!  Wish me luck!!

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See you next week for the final reveal (I hope!!), thanks for tuning in!




  1. Wow!! It looks great- I love your tile!! We're in a similar stage in our bathroom remodel project for the ORC. Glad to know we're not alone! Keep it up!

  2. Wow! Nothing but respect for all your hard and time consuming work! Mindi, you are amazing and the new floor and shower tile are gorgeous! Geesh, I can only imagine how many hours you have spent renovating this space.

    Good luck during the final week and I am cheering for you. :)


  3. Your home's bath looks like it definitely went through a lot, but man the results were definitely amazing. The shower stall was definitely the crowning glory of this project. Great job!


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