DIY Porch Planters

I am kind of giddy about my latest project...DIY Porch Planters, and hexagon shaped planters to boot!

Plus, flowers.  I love pretty flowers on my porch, in pretty planters...
How to make your own DIY Porch Planters using a hexagon shape and multiple sizes.  Tutorial at

If you are new here then you should know that I have done many Planters (Check them out) in the past, and I also have a thing for Hexagons, so this was the perfect combo.  You just can't go wrong combing two things you love, right?!

Let's get started so you can make your own, they are pretty easy to build, so don't let that hexagon shape scare you, you can totally do this!

How to make DIY Porch Planters

  • 2x6 Cedar boards (amount depends on how many planters you want to make and what size, I used 4 - 48'' cedar boards for these three planters.  You could also use thinner boards such as a 1x6, I got these boards from a neighbor so I was happy with what I had...FREE)
  • Scrap 2x2 pieces (I put feet on one of the planters, this is optional)
  • Miter Saw
  • Sander
  • Circular Saw and Kreg Rip Cut or Table Saw (for taller planters)
  • Nail gun and 2 inch nails
  • level
  • tape measure
  • miter saw
  • jig saw
  • wood glue
  • Planting supplies/plants
*Please be aware that I built three planters, the taller two I ripped the wood with my circular saw, for the smaller one I cut it on my miter saw, I will show you both ways.  
*With this width of wood (5 1/4 inches) the taller planters were about 7 inches on all insides of the hexagon.  I cut the smaller planter so it would be the same size.

Step 1: Rip/Cut Wood at 30 degrees

Ripping wood at 30 degrees for hexagon planters, MyLove2Create
For the taller two planters I used my Circular Saw set at 30 degrees, and my Kreg Rip cut set at 4 1/4 inches, or one inch less then the width of my wood which was 5 1/4 inches.  I ripped down the sides of each board.
Use a circular saw and Kreg Rip cut to make hexagon planters, MyLove2Create
In order to cut the second side, I simply taped the piece I had just cut off of the first side back onto the board to give me a flat edge to run my rip cut against.  Then I cut the other side.  I removed the taped piece when I was done cutting the second side.  It worked like a charm!  

Of course if you have a table saw you can rip the wood on that with it set at 30 degrees,  either option works.

Step 2: Cut 6 pieces for each hexagon planter to desired length.

cutting wood to make DIY Porch planters, MyLove2Create
For the taller planters you already have your angled sides cut, now you just need to cut them to the height you want.  Cut six pieces for each planter, and have fun with different heights!
Use a miter saw to make DIY Hexagon Planters, MyLove2Create
To cut my small planter, I set my bevel on my miter saw at 30 degrees.  This is the same way I built my DIY Hexagon Planters, but I used different sized wood.  Ah, I love versatility. 

Since I was cutting the smaller planter on my miter saw I wanted to make sure it would be the same width as my taller planters.  I measured the width of my long planter boards (short point to short point) after the 30 degree cuts were made, then I cut all six pieces to that same width. 

To help cut them all the same size, start by matching up the short points, then mark the cut line, and place your blade on the line and cut.

Step 3: Glue and Nail together all six sides to make a hexagon.

How to build tall hexagon porch planters, MyLove2Create
Here is a shot of me building my taller planters.  I used a jig I built (more details Here) to help me keep the correct angles while glueing and nailing my hexagon planter sides together, this is optional but helpful. 

It is a little tricky to hold the pieces together since they are taller, so the jig helps with this, when an extra set of hands would be useful, but I never have an extra set of hands... Make sure to use lots of wood glue and 2 inch nails to secure all sides.
Easy DIY Porch Planters hexagon shaped, MyLove2Create
Building the smaller planter, and you can see a clamp can come in handy too. 

Be careful of where you place your fingers in relation to the nail gun and where those 2 inch nails are headed...especially if you are having a helper hold your pieces in place while you build.  Safety first!

Step 3: Cut and add a base to the planter.

adding a base to the porch planters, MyLove2Create
Using your already built hexagon shaped planters place them on top of your cedar wood and then from the inside of the planter trace the shape onto the board.  

Then cut out the shape with a jig saw.  Fit it into your planter and nail or screw it in place.
nail on base to tall hexagon planter, MyLove2Create
For my long planters I placed the base in the middle, approximately 6 or 7 inches from the top of the planter.  You can determine how deep you want it.  I made sure mine was level then I nailed it in place.

If you are going to set a pot inside the planter you may want to measure how tall the pot so it will be just lower than the top of the planter, then attach your base accordingly.   If you are filling the planter with soil, then this ensures you don't have to fill the whole thing up.

putting feet on a DIY porch planter, MyLove2Create
I added feet to my middle planter.  I accidentally cut the pieces a little shorter then I wanted and I felt it needed a little more height.  Plus, feet are cute and gives it a little different look, so in the end I was happy for my mistake. :)  See, mistakes can be good in building, just roll with them it should be fun, no project is ever perfect.

I tried several different combos of where to attach them, since a hexagon has six sides and I didn't want 6 feet, and because three feet looked weird...Anyway this is what I ended up doing, and I thought it looked the best, I placed them at the middle corners and used wood glue and 2 inch nails to secure them.

Step 4: Add your plants and enjoy!

DIY Porch Planters ready to plant, MyLove2Create
To help fill the gaps from the open base, I added these planter liners that I got from Home Depot.  I purchased one that I into three pieces and put one in each planter, this helps hold in the water, but also allows for drainage.

It was time to plant!  To make it easier you could buy a 7 inch pot with plants in it and place it inside the planter.
Beautiful Porch Planters, MyLove2Create
Now this is what I call a perfect project for a Saturday afternoon.  My porch is feeling loved.
DIY Planters for your porch, MyLove2Create
I love the natural look of the cedar wood with the pretty green plants and colorful flowers.
How to make hexagon planters in different sizes, MyLove2Create
The three different sizes make for a fun tiered look, and they fit perfectly in this spot by my front door.

The tall planter look is really cool which is what I wanted to try by ripping the length of the wood, I am so glad it worked out.  I love how you can mix and match heights, hence the best part of doing DIY Porch Planters, you can get exactly what you want.
hexagon planters for your porch, MyLove2Create
Don't they look so pretty?!  
Easy DIY Planters, MyLove2Create
I am super pleased with them, so I guess that is all that matters and I got just what I wanted!  

I hope you try building your own DIY Porch Planters!  

If you are looking for some more great DIY Outdoor project inspiration then you came to the right place!  Check out all the other awesome things to make from my friends below!



  1. You're always so good with the angles! Me? not so much! I love your tutorials, they are always so full of tips.
    I'm partial to the smallest of the planters.... it's just so darn cute!



  2. These are really fun! I like the hexagon shape too. :)

  3. They are looking so cool and good. Excellent.


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