DIY Step Stool

Ah the joys of a fun simple project.  I am loving my daughter's new DIY Step Stool, and it is so easy to make...
Easy to make DIY Step Stool

Don't let those pretty angled legs fool you!  Let's get started and I will show you just how easy it is!

This is a great handmade gift for those little people in your life, kids love being able to reach the high places or just having their own little bench to sit on, this project works for both!  Stay tuned at the end of the post for even more great gift ideas...Christmas is coming soon!

How to make an easy DIY Step Stool

  • 1- 2x3x8 Board (or scraps) @15" cut at 10 degrees off square ends parallel
  • 1- 2x8x8 Board (or scrap) @ 20''
  • Miter Saw
  • Kreg pocket hole jig
  • 2 1/2'' pocket hole screws
  • wood glue
  • drill/driver
  • finishing supplies (spackle/wood filler, sand paper, paint)
DIY Step Stool cut list
Here are the cuts you will need and the placement of the pocket holes.  When you drill pocket holes on an angled cut just make sure that you place the wood flat in the jig, it will sit at an angle and the holes will go in at an angle, which is just what you want! 

Step 1:  Cut your wood

set miter saw at 10 degrees off square for angled stool legs
Measure, mark, and cut all your pieces to the correct size.  To cut the legs set your miter saw off square to 10 degrees.  This will give them the nice angle when attached to the stool seat.
how to cut angled legs
I like to start by making the first angled cut, then I measure to where the next cut will go.  I set my tape measure on the long edge and measure and mark at 15 inches.  I cut my wood at the mark, and then check to see if it is the correct size.  For the remaining legs I use my first cut leg to measure and mark the rest for cutting.  I also cut the step stool top piece at square 20 inches, not shown.

Step 2- Drill pocket holes and build the step stool

measure and mark where to place legs on stool top
I drilled pocket holes into the legs using my Kreg Jig (not shown).   Next I marked where the legs would need to be attached on the bottom of the stool top.  I marked two inches in from the edge and then one inch on each side.
attaching angled legs to seat top with pocket holes and 2 1/2 inch pocket hole screws
Using wood glue and 2 1/2'' pocket hole screws I attached them at the marks I had made.  If you do not have a pocket hole jig then you can pre drill at an angle and add screws that way, I did this method on my Easy DIY Bench Plans, and it works great.  Normally I like to clamp when I drill in my pocket hole screws, but it can be difficult to clamp angled boards so I just held my pieces tight in the correct place and drilled the screws in slowly to avoid shifting.

Step 3- Paint and enjoy!

fill in pocket holes and paint stool
It is important to fill in the pocket holes so you have a nice clean finished look.  Some options to use are wood plugs, spackle, or wood filler.  I used spackle, and sanded it smooth once it was dry.  Then I finished it off with a coat of pink spray paint.  My daughter loves pink. :)
Easy kids DIY Bench
Ta-da!  A perfectly cute and EASY DIY Step Stool!  Or you could even call it a small child's bench.  
how to make a step stool
This little beauty is going in my daughter's newly finished closet, so she can reach those high places she hasn't grown into yet.
How to make a small bench for kids
She is pretty small still, but at 12 she could sprout up any day, and so I didn't want to build the closet for a small person when she will eventually grow into a big person was easier to just build a step stool.  :)
easy angled leg step stool
With this step stool she can reach even the highest shelves which is perfect.  FYI: I don't recommend rolling shoes while using the stool...she just happened to be wearing these when I borrowed her to do some modeling for me. Plus the shoes were pink... so they matched and that is always fun so we let it slide.  Do as I say not as I do. Ha!
cutting legs at an angle for a step stool
I love the look of the angled legs, they just seem more graceful, maybe even...feminine, and that is perfect for my adorable little girl.
benches for kids
And with a sweet smile like that this mom is always ready to please, so I consider this a simple yet perfect gift for her.

Speaking of gifts...I am sharing this as part of a Handmade Gift challenge with some of my favorite blogging friends and so, not only did you get to learn how to make a DIY Step Stool today, but you also get to see how to make several other awesome gifts!  

It is never too soon to start planning for the Holidays, start by making something handmade for the people you love in your life it is the best way to share!  Check out all the awesome ideas in the links below!

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Mindi,

    What a perfect stool for those high places. I'm fully grown and I still need stools in just about every room of the house.
    I love how it doubles as extra seating.
    Your daughter is so adorable! Don't blink--they grow up way too fast!




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