Teen Boy Room Inspiration

Heyyyy yooouuuu guuuuyyyyssss!!

I am back and ready to accept another challenge, yep.  The One Room Challenge to be exact.  Woo hoo!

In the past I have done my oldest teen boys room and my daughter's room, and my bathroom/laundry room and let me tell you it is a LOT of work. But...it is also great motivation for me to complete a room, and let me tell you. I need motivation!

So here we go, another teen boy bedroom inspiration post!
Teen Boy Room Inspiration, MyLove2Create

Simple, clean, and organized, that is the goal people. 

Oh, AND, it has to look good too! Of course. 

What I am about to show you might make you want to cry, it defiantly does NOT look good.  But it will, that is why we are here!!

Truly, this room is in DIRE need of some TLC, and I am so excited to get started!
Before teen boy room, view from door MyLove2Create
The first before, this is the view of when you walk into the room.  Not too exciting right?!

And yes, those are sheets pinned up to cover the window on the wall.  Classy.

If you have a keen eye you can see the wall texture has been removed in some places down to the drywall.  Ugh.
Before Boys room looking from closet, MyLove2Create
This is the view from the closet, it is a long room, kind of a weird shape.  Currently my two youngest boys are sharing this room.  Since my three older boys have grown and moved out, the plan is to make this room for my older (older for the two that are home) boy and move my younger boy into the previous room I did.  
Right side of room before, MyLove2Create

We obviously haven't done anything much to decorate, the free old frame I got at a garage sale and turned into a chalkboard has been hanging on this wall for years...man time flies doesn't it? 

This room has seen MANY changes in that time, but never a real full blown make over.
original closet built ins before, MyLove2Create
This is a shot of the original closet with some simple built in's.  I ripped those out a few months prior since they were nice but not ideal, and then did nothing.  This is what we ended up with after...
before closet, MyLove2Create
Really?!  Not much of an improvement right!?  Well we are going to fix that.  I am obsessed with closet built-ins and have done several closets in this house.  

This room has been a little jealous from being left out of these transformations so I am going to show it some love! 
room niche before, MyLove2Create
And what about this weird niche?  I think it deserves something too.  So I plan to do some built-in's here as well.  Why not?  Otherwise, it really is just wasted space and this sweet free dresser makeover can find a new home, it served us well all these years.

Well, that's a wrap for this week folks!  I hope you join me on this journey, it is going to be fun, exciting, tiring, and epic.  

It is also about to get really messy, I am taking off that painted white paneling and the moulding first...so bring it on!  

See you next week!  And don't forget, I am not the only one participating in this challenge!  There are tons of amazing rooms getting tackled, you can check them all out here.

One Room Challenge, MyLove2Create

Teen Boy Bedroom Inspiration, MyLove2Create

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