Modern Platform Bed

Oh man you guys, it has been a week!

I am SEVERAL days behind on the one room challenge but I am finally getting to my week 7 post, I am excited to share my Modern Platform Bed!  Well actually it is my son's modern platform bed...

DIY Modern Platform Bed, MyLove2Create
So fun right?!  I kind of love it, and so does my son, which is good.  Success!

I will for sure post plans for this coming soon, but for now here is a quick picture tutorial of the build.
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I wanted a simple modern bed and we decided to do a queen size since he is not sharing a room anymore, we were just talking about how he is the first of my kids to have a bed bigger than a twin, crazy!  I guess when you have six kids that is normal, with only three at home we are moving into the world of bigger and better.
cutting wood to build a modern platform bed, MyLove2Create
After designing the bed and buying the wood I set to work cutting.  I cut the bed slats in stacks of 4 boards together, since I had to cut 40...ugh!  Cutting was fine but sanding all of them almost killed me, seriously.  Sanding and I have a love hate/relationship, and sanding always wins, cause is has to be done, a necessary evil.

I also cut all the other boards for the bed to length and drilled pocket holes into the ones that needed them.
cutting legs for modern platform bed, MyLove2Create
After the 2x4's for the legs were cut to length, I measured and marked to taper them for the bed design. I made the bottom width 1 1/2'' then tapered to the top.  For the headboard feet, I did the same as the footboard on the bottom then left 5 1/2'' for the 2x6 support board, then tapered to the top which was measured at 2''. 
Kreg rip cut to cut boards for decorative headboard frame, MyLove2Create
For the headboard I decided to try a fun design but I needed a frame to attached the boards to, so I used some scrap 1/2'' MDF and 1/4'' plywood to build it.  I used my Kreg Rip Cut and Ryobi Circular Saw make the cuts I needed, this tool is SO useful!
Micro pocket drill guide for thinner wood pocket holes, MyLove2Create
Since the MDF was 1/2'' I used my Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Guide, it makes a little be smaller pocket hole so the thinner wood doesn't split.
building bed frame with pocket holes, MyLove2Create
I drilled the pocket holes with my Kreg Jig this is the one I want but don't have yet and the Kreg Micro Jig guide then I started to build the frame for the headboard.
adding 1/4'' plywood to the head board frame, MyLove2Create
With the frame built, I added glue and then nailed on the 1/4'' plywood.  Since I didn't have plywood big enough, I added a middle board so I could piece the plywood to fit.
Adding decorative wood design to headboard frame, MyLove2Create
To create the design I measured and marked center lines, I also added a line 1/3 up since I knew the design focal point would not be center with the mattress on the bed.  I cut all boards at 45 degrees and then placed them on the frame to make sure they fit.
staining boards for decorative headboard, MyLove2Create
The process to stain was a little random, I wanted different colors of stain, so I started with the main color of the bed Rustoleum Kona.  I did several boards in this color and then made a pattern with the white and blue (using a white wash technique with paint) and then stained the rest with random stains I had.  

I also stained the rest of the bed with Kona, not pictured.
gluing on all the wood pieces for the decorative headboard, MyLove2Create
Once the boards were stained I used wood glue to attach them to the frame and then used weights to hold them in place (randomly) until the glue dried.  Once the glue dried I used my Ryobi Circular Saw to cut off the excess around the frame.
adding pocket holes to the headboard to attach it to the legs, MyLove2Create
Now the frame was ready for pocket holes so I could attach it to the legs, since the thickness was now 1 1/2'' I set my Kreg Jig to that depth.
Adding top and bottom trim to the decorative headboard, MyLove2Create
I added wood glue to the top and bottom of the headboard, placed on 1x2's cut to length, and used my Ryobi Nail Gun and 2'' nails to secure them.  They fit perfectly to trim out the edges of the headboard.
Ready to build modern platform bed, MyLove2Create
And just like that I am ready to build!  Ha!  I wish it was just like that, it took a little more time, just a little. ;)
Attaching headboard and rails to bed feet, MyLove2Create
In order to build the bed I attached the headboard feet to the headboard, then I attached the footboard feet to the side rails.  Normally you would build the headboard and the footboard and then attached the side rails last, if you are just building with pocket holes this would be the way to do it.  I, however, wanted to add Bed Rail Brackets so for this bed design, and so I had to do it a little differently.
installing bed rail brackets to bed for easy install, MyLove2Create
I added the bed rail brackets to the headboard and side rails at the top, and then the footboard board had bed rails attached to the feet.
building a bed with bed rail brackets, MyLove2Create
These Bed Rail Brackets make it easier to put the bed together and take it apart if needed.  I added bed supports to the side rails and the middle (not pictured) using 2x2 boards and a 2x4 foot in the middle of the center support board,  then I used a spacer to add all 40 bed slats, phew!
Modern Platform bed front view, MyLove2Create
And that's a wrap folks!  
low front view of modern platform bed, MyLove2Create
I love how simple it is.
side shot of modern platform bed headboard, MyLove2Create
And the tapers on the legs just make me happy, adding a hint of character, that little modern twist.
Decorative headboard for modern platform bed, MyLove2Create
I wasn't planning on doing a design on the headboard at first, but at the last minute I couldn't help myself.  I HAD to something creative, it is pretty simple to do, but takes more time.  Why not add some character, right?!  Even if a big chunk of it will be covered by a mattress...oh well, I still wanted to do it, just cause it was fun!  I know I am weird.

Next week is the last week in the challenge and I am SUPER behind, real life is happening here folks, this room actually flooded this week so the new carpet you see, had to be pulled up, dried out, and then laid back down...yep lots of rain, and now you know why I am running late. It's all good, things always seem to work out in the end. :)

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Thanks for reading, I will be back next week, with a done room (I hope!)  Wish me luck!



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