Teenage Boy Room Reveal

This is it!!  My Teenage Boy Room is finally DONE!!  Woo hoo!!

Oh what a happy day, and we are all loving the results...let's look at some photos, shall we?

Teenage Boy Room Reveal, MyLove2Create
First to refresh your memory, I mean it has been 8 weeks since this challenge started, and you might have forgotten what this room looked like before.
Teenage Boy room before view from door, MyLove2Create
Here is the view walking into the room before.
Teenage Boy room after view from door, MyLove2Create
And the after.  So fun right?!
Teenage Boy Room View from the closet before, MyLove2Create
Let's look at the view from the closet, this is the before.
Teenage Boy Room View from the closet after, MyLove2Create
Look how much character the board and batten gives this space.  I love how the rule of thirds worked it's magic.
View from opposite side of room before, MyLove2Create
This is the sad side view.
View from opposite side of room after, MyLove2Create
It is not looking so sad now!  
Closet and nook view before, MyLove2Create
And last but not least, the closet and nook before.
Closet and nook view after, MyLove2Create
And after (lots of hard work)!!  So that is it, what do you think?!  

We all think it is pretty snazzy over here and my son is LOVING his new space.  
teenage boy room corner view of the closet, MyLove2Create
Because, when you have lived in the "before", I mean...  What's not to love right?!  
Niche Shelf, MyLove2Create
I added a simple shelf above the niche built-in so he has a place to display important things.
Close up of mirror teenage boy room, MyLove2Create
I even got him a mirror, this one was black so I painted to match the colors in the room.
wood picture print art, MyLove2Create
Since the room has a sort of travel theme, and the mirror needed a little company, I asked my son where he would like to visit someday. He said one of the places on his list was Machu Picchu.  So, a digital download, some scrap wood, and a little time later, we had  a fun companion to the mirror on this wall.  I sort of love it, and I defiantly want to visit too!
bike art and wall map, MyLove2Create
We have some other fun travel themes on the opposite wall, the map is especially fun.  He actually requested a map, and this one was a perfect choice!
Travel theme wall teenage boy room, MyLove2Create
 The light fixture was also replaced, a lot cooler than the original one!
modern desk, MyLove2Create
This desk is a simple build with a modern look, and works great for getting the homework done, painted gray to complement the walls.
night stand, MyLove2Create
On the opposite side of the bed, I actually bought a night stand, I know.  It kind of kills, me but hey, I was out of time and the top is super cool so...whatcha going to do?  Maybe I will build one another time.  This one was great because it has a built in power strip on the back.  It looks pretty good by the bed I think.
simple concrete planter, MyLove2Create
Now don't laugh, but I was sort of itching to try a concrete project, and so my very first attempt is making an appearance in this room.  It was a fun experiment, and I learned a lot, not too bad for a first shot?!  Simple and cute.
low view of modern bed, MyLove2Create
And the bed...oh we are loving this bed you guys. Seriously.  It is pretty much perfect for my son and just "makes" the room, IMHO.  ;)
Modern wood design headboard, MyLove2Create
You may think I am crazy for adding the blue, but sometimes you just have to take a chance.  I think it paid off.  No other teenage boy has a bed like this, and that makes it pretty special.  Cause, what special kid doesn't deserve a special bed made just for him! Mine totally does!
Teenage boy room bed and sign, MyLove2Create
Speaking of the bed, above it is a massive sign that was all my son's idea.  I asked what would be a cool quote to use to make a sign and he said, "With great power comes great responsibility".  Of course, classic spider man, a great quote.  I was totally down.  
Large DIY Sign, MyLove2Create
Then he added, "Priesthood Power", with a smile.  And so that is how this sign was born, and it is awesome, a great statement piece. I love that he owns it too. 
Teenage boy room looking toward door, MyLove2Create
And with that, I think we about have it covered.  I took a million pictures and I think it took me almost as much time to decide which shots to use as it did to do this room...ok well maybe that is exaggerating just a little bit, but it felt like it! Ha ha!

I am so grateful this opportunity to participate in The One Room Challenge, it is a great push for me to get a big project done!  There are so many amazing rooms you can check out!
One Room Challenge Week 8 MyLove2Create

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