Open Shelf

Sometimes projects just make me happy!  There are several reasons that contribute to that happiness...  For example, my Open Shelf is one of those projects.

Build this unique Open Shelf for only $20 in lumber!  Free plans and picture tutorial at MyLove2Create.

Let me tell you why.

  • One: It looks awesome! 
  • Two: It was very inexpensive, I am talking $20 inexpensive (just for the lumber, I had all the other the supplies screws and stain on hand)
  • Three: It is a simple easy project that can be done in an afternoon!
  • Four:  I am sharing the free plans at Kreg's new project plan site for FREE so you can build your own!!!
Build this unique Open Shelf for only $20 in lumber!  Free plans and picture tutorial at MyLove2Create.
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So exciting!  I was inspired by a bookshelf I saw in At Home, and I knew it would be super easy to build so I just had to have it!

Before you head over to get the plans let me show you how quick and simple this build is...
cut wood for building open shelf
Start with 2- 2x10x8 boards, they are about $9 each.  Then cut them for your open shelf.  You only need three sizes of boards, 1 base, 1 divider board, and 6 shelf boards.
using a Kreg Jig for drilling pocket holes
I used my Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig to drill my pocket holes into the shelves and divider board.
measuring and marking base for divider shelf
Mark for center on the base by using two shelf boards flush to the sides.  This is where you will attach your divider board.
building open shelf with pocket holes
Attach your divider board to your base (top).  Then using some scrap wood as spacers (bottom left) attach your shelves.
wood glue and pocket holes to attach shelves
When attaching the shelves use wood glue and a bar clamp to keep the shelf in the correct place while drilling.  I also used a Speed Square to keep my cuts...square. :)

Oh, and can you see I got a little excited with my pocket hole drilling?  You only need to put pocket holes on one side of your shelf...I accidentally did them on on both sides on a couple shelves...oops! Glad I realized it before I did all of them that way!  Hee hee!
Open shelf all built
And that is it!  Stain or paint to your hearts content!  
beautiful open bookshelf
This is such a unique shelf, it will definitely be a conversation piece, and it is super fun to decorate!
easy to build bookshelf
I recommend not putting over 20 lbs. on the shelves, just to be save, but they are nice and sturdy!  Unless, you know, your kid is hanging on them, I don't recommend that!
open bookshelf design
Could you use a shelf like this?  I can think of several rooms that it would look great in!  My daughter said it looks like it could go in a nursery, because of the chair next to it. ;)  I think she is right!  It would look super cute in a nursery with baby books, supplies, and toys!

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Build this unique Open Shelf for only $20 in lumber!  Free plans and picture tutorial at MyLove2Create.
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  1. Beautiful open shelf Mindi! You did a wonderful job and the tutorial is easy to follow (as always)



  2. neat, i love that shelf. my cats would probably think it's something for them, tho, b/c they think everything is, lol.


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