Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Blogland Tour!

One of my favorite things about blogging has been my discovery of so many amazingly talented people!  Many of you have probably seen the tour around blogland, where bloggers have been answering questions and featuring other bloggers that they admire.
MyLove2Create, DIY Blogland Tour
I was very honored to have Amy from Her Tool Belt ask if I would like to participate.  Amy is very talented, I could drool over her projects all day long.  She can build like nobody's business and has amazing skill and patience.  Seriously, check out this wall...
Faux geometric wall tutorial, hertoolbelt
Yep, awesome.  So take a second to stop by and meet Amy you won't be sorry!

Now on to the questions:

1- What am I working on?

Ha ha ha!  Sorry I had to laugh, what am I NOT working on?  I am totally in limbo right now, trying to decide which project is more important.  I have a million projects in my mind that I need to START on but haven't had the chance.  You know, life is crazy busy and school hasn't started yet, plus we have a new puppy, so yeah...

Ok, I AM working on my back patio, but honestly it has been put on hold time and time again this summer so it might have to be finished next spring/summer.  I have done a couple projects for it, but one that has been eternal (because I keep having to leave it) and is SOOO close to being done, looked like this a little ways back...
MyLove2Create, DIY Blogland Tour
Nice sneak peek, eh?  Bet you are jealous.  This many staples...really?

2- How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

I am not sure I have totally developed my personal style yet, I am still discovering who I am in this DIY world... I feel like I do a hodge podge of random things, whatever pops into my brain.  I love to make things that are useful, and that look nice.  I think my work differ's from others in the fact that most of my projects are free.  Meaning I am BFF's with the free section on craigslist and freecycle, and I build almost everything with free reclaimed wood, and I also repurpose with stuff I get for free.  When I am not getting things for free, I buy things on clearance or from a thrift store or garage sale for really cheap.  I have several places in my home that are "stash" areas loaded with stuff just waiting for the right inspiration...this is where my patient husband comes in...I guess I am cheap, and free is super cheap!

3- Why do I write/create what I do?

Several years back I remember my husband coming home and telling me about a guy he had met who built furniture out of old pallets.  What?!  I can't tell you how cool I thought that was! It was like a little spark inside me lit up and I was...jealous?  Hmmm, maybe that isn't the right word.  I was so impressed and envious maybe, because I wanted to be able to do something like that.  I was inspired I guess, but I didn't think I could ever actually do it...

Fast forward to about 4 years ago and I discovered blogs and among them, AnaWhite.  This was the beginning of my realization that maybe I could actually create and do things I have always wanted to do.  So I confided in my sweet husband my secret desire to build, and for my birthday he bought me a miter saw and the rest was history!  I soaked up every bit I could and started building projects.  

To sum it up, I create what I do because I love it!  It truly makes me so happy to take "junk" and make it into something that is used and loved.  I blog about it to pay it forward and help inspire others to create, just like other blogs did for me!  And...I built this bench out of pallets...
DIY Upholstered Bench, MyLove2Create
See, dreams can come true!

4- How does your writing/creating process work?

It has totally evolved from when I started.  In the beginning I really just followed plans, because I had no idea what I was doing.  Coping is truly the highest form of flattery, and I was so grateful that bloggers shared their ideas and tutorials so that I could do just that, copy.  By doing this I gained skills and knowledge that have been invaluable to me.  I will still follow a plan when I want to, but most of the time I just make things up as I go, and build what comes into my head.  How stinkin' cool is that!?  I can build from my own head!  I still have a TON to learn, and trust me I love to learn and will continue to do so.

For me creating is a lot of the time spur of the moment, when I need it I make it.  Other times, ideas will pop into my head and I am off digging through one of my stashes, finding what I need to create.   It gives me a thrill to create and sometimes ideas will work out great and sometimes they flop.  I am a last minute person and work best under pressure.  So, it is the actual process, while I am working on a project, that my creativity is at it's best.  Make since?  Here is an example...
Old Drawers into porch planters, MyLove2Create
I had two drawers and four spindles when I started this project, I knew I wanted to make them into planters but I had no plan.  I went to the shed, pulled out some scrap wood and just started trying things out...they morphed into these porch planters.

I am sure you have heard more than enough of my ramblings, lets meet a couple of my awesome DIY friends...Both of these ladies have some amazing skills and I am so grateful they took the time to be on my blog tour!

Take it away ladies!

HI! I'm Gina (Lady Goats), but my friends call me the man of the house (don't worry, my husband is SO okay with it!). My family and I live in Chandler, AZ and I'm always working on something to make our lives a little better (whether it be cooking a new recipe, building a piece of furniture, or knocking down walls). I blog about everything from my kids' Minecraft obsessions to home construction to DIY home decor - I'd love to have you over for a visit at

Yes, please visit Gina she is so fun and creative check out these cool Minecraft weapons she made for her kids....
Make your own Minecraft weapons, Lady Goats
Too cute!  Gina is amazing at building too, if she needs it she just whips it up, like this adorable chair.  

Next up,

Hello! I'm Julie and the one behind the blog Being Home. While my about me page explains why my blog is called Being Home, me and my family have been trying to Be Home in our home for past sixteen months. We have had a slew of house problems; from leaks, mold, floods, and related health issues. I am not lost on the irony of it all. Currently, things are looking positive and I (we) are finally feeling as if we are truly making this house of ours a home.
I am always looking for ways to make things or do things myself. I love a challenge and have fun trying to create what I envision in my mind. To date, my Mudroom Bench Tutorial is my most poplar project and I am humbled and honored by those who have found it helpful. That's what this whole blog thing is all about - right?! :D Let's hope my current project does not drive me, it's a short trip. :)

Isn't Julie's Mudroom beautiful?
Mudroom Bench Tutorial, Being Home
I love it!  She has such great style and does top quality projects and tutorials like her amazing tile backsplash, she is always inspiring me to want to improve my home.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Blogland Tour, I want thank Gina and Julie for participating, and YOU for reading along.  Have a wonderful day! 


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Old Chairs into New Bench

Wow, life has been so busy, and guess what?  It don't think it will be slowing down....EVER!  

But I am good with that!  We are gearing up for back to school in a couple of weeks and I know my kids are excited, even it they won't admit it!  My oldest will be a freshman in high school and I am declaring myself officially OLD, how did this happen?!  Fun times ahead...

As far as projects go I am trying to get back on track after vacations, family stuff, and friends visiting.  So, I thought I would pull out a post that was first on My Repurposed Life a few months back, some old chairs into a new bench....
MyLove2Create, Old Chairs into New Bench
See, fun!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our new Puppy and an Instagram Round Robin Giveaway!

Hello, I am finally back!  Phew.

It has been a very busy last few weeks, but very good.  We had a great trip to Arizona and loved seeing all our friends.  We also picked up our new puppy!  Meet Sunny...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Easy Painted Burlap Sign

Howdy!  I am crazy this week.  Seriously. 

We are driving to Arizona, which is way cool, because we get to visit our old home and see our good friends!  Aaaaannnnnd...we are getting puppy.  Yep. Crazy.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Moments That Matter Most

I have heard a lot of people comment on how fast the summer is flying by, and they are SO right!  It is amazing to me how time speeds up, and life becomes so busy and crazy.  How quickly we get caught in the trap of getting things done and checking off the list of daily life, that sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy what matters most.

I have been really trying this summer to stop and enjoy the simple moments, and not get caught up in the world, but more in my family, and it is so wonderful!  When I remember and seek out what matters most in my life, I am truly happy.  And happiness is a precious gift.  All good things come of Christ.

I hope you take the time to enjoy what matters most in your life this week!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Old Drawers into Porch Planters

Hello!  Today I am sharing a repurposed project, old drawers into porch planters.  I have seen drawers used for planters several times and loved, here is my version.  This project was first seen on My Repurposed Life the end of May, and I have been enjoying them ever since so I am super happy to share finally them on my blog!
Old Drawers into Porch Planters

Thursday, July 3, 2014

French Inspired Piano Bench Makeover

Hello!  Are you excited for the 4th of July tomorrow?  I sure am!

I have been spending time with family this week so I am pulling out a project that was first seen on My Repurposed Life.  It is a fun French inspired piano bench makeover.

Benches are one of my favorite things, besides crates, I LOVE crates too.  This bench was sitting out with someone's garbage in the rain, until I spotted it driving by....

My family is finally getting past the shame and embarrassment phase of me grabbing things from the trash.  In fact this bench was picked up by my oldest son, I didn't even have to get out of the car!  Yep, I am training them right!
MyLove2Create, French Inspired Piano Bench Makeover
Of course that was months ago, and the sad lonely discarded piano bench has since been residing in my basement.  Let's get a better look at the before.