Monday, March 23, 2015

Date Night Gift Crate

Hello, wonderful readers!  We are starting our spring break and it is nice to just chill with the fam.

In the next few days you may see some changes around here, I am having some updates done to MyLove2Create and I am getting a new logo!!  Not that I had one I guess this is my first....I can't wait!  Hopefully this week everything will get finished up.  

In the mean time, I wanted to share a crate I recently gave as a wedding gift to some friends.  I call it a Date Night Gift Crate.  I like to give the couples something to remind them to stay young and have fun by continuing to date after they are married, AND.... who doesn't need a cute crate?  Right?!
A super easy tutorial to build your own DIY crate!  Or build it for a friend and gift it with a fun theme, like a Date Night Gift Crate!
I recently posted my 20+ DIY Crates which includes other fun gift crate ideas and tons of crate tutorials.   If you are a crate lover like me you can also check out Awesome Ideas for using Crates.
measuring and cutting crate ends at 10 degrees off square
To make this crate I started with a reclaimed piece of wood, I forgot to get a before shot, oops.  It was about a 5 foot long 1x8 cedar board.  I cut the ends to the width I wanted at 10 degrees off square.  I just adjusted my miter saw to 10 degrees (which puts the saw at an angle) and cut away.  

After I cut the first piece on both sides,  I used it to measure and mark the second, then I cut it on the line.  To maximize cuts I flipped the board over to use the already cut angled piece, that is why I only had to measure one cut above.  
ends and sides cut to build a tapered crate
Here are my sides and ends all cut and ready for building.  You can make them any length you want.  
Gluing and nailing crate ends to side pieces
To attach the ends I used Gorilla wood glue and then clamped it between the two side pieces.  Then I nailed it together.  I repeated for both ends and got this...
crate build just needs a bottom
A crate with out a bottom!  I ended up using a different scrap board for the bottom.
measuring board to fit bottom of crate, nailing it on
I simply placed the crate over the board and measured with a pen where to cut.  Then I cut the board on the lines (I just used straight cuts, but if you wanted to do it at an angle you could) and glued and nailed it to the crate.  I wanted it to have gaps on either side of the bottom so it could be used as a planter.. you could make it without gaps by adding a larger board or smaller boards to fit the bottom.
natural vinegar and steel wool stain
I decided to add my natural stain, which is #0000 steel wool in a jar of vinegar.  Rip up the still wool place it in a jar and pour vinegar to cover it and put on the lid.  Let it sit for a night or a few days, and it is ready!  I just brushed it on with a foam brush and let it dry.  It instantly changes the color of the magic!
easy rope handles for crate
It turned it a fun dark color and I love it!  For handles,  I decided to go with the simple rope look.  I just drilled holes big enough for the rope to go through and tied knots on the inside.
adding a simple chalkboard label to a crate with painters tape and chalkboard paint
I added some pads to the bottom and of course, I love chalkboards, so I put three coats of chalk board paint in a rectangle made from painters tape to make a fun place for labeling.  Super easy!
DIY Crate for home decor or planting
That is it!  Now this crate is ready to conquer any decor or storage need in the home!  Or...
MyLove2Create, Date Night Gift Crate
It can be filled with all sorts of goodies to fit any gift theme you want!
MyLove2Create, Date Night Gift Crate
For a date night gift crate I threw in a few card games, some dollar candy boxes, popcorn, and cream soda!  
MyLove2Create, Date Night Gift Crate
After the dates are done, they can use the crate for whatever they want!   That is what I call the gift that keeps on giving.  :)

What kind of themed gift crate would you love?  I can always use more great ideas!


I will be linking to these parties! and Savvy Southern Style

Monday, March 16, 2015

Crib turned Dog Crate

Hello!  We had such a beautiful weekend with perfect weather, it was heaven!  Track season has started and it is so fun to watch my kids is good. :)

Today I am going to share my Crib turned Dog Crate.  But first let's back track a bit...

Last summer we got a new puppy, Sunny.
Sunny as a puppy

Monday, March 9, 2015

Decorative Triangle Tray

Hello!  Last week when I posted my Large DIY Metal Pegboard Command Center I promised at the end of the post that I would be sharing a fun and easy project at the end of the week...and then I didn't.

As usual life got a little crazy and while I liked my project, I thought it still needed tweeking, so I put it on hold for a few days to think, and now I am ready to share it with you today.  My Decorative Triangle Tray!
MyLove2Create, Decorative Triangle Tray

Monday, March 2, 2015

Large DIY Metal Pegboard Command Center

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

We are still knee deep in snow, and I haven't seen signs of it going away anytime soon.  My kids are loving all the HUGE icicles around town.  I guess winter had to arrive eventually.  I am good with long as it goes away in time for spring!  

I have some exciting news to share, I was asked to be a contributor over at Remodelahloic!  Eeeek! I am totally doing a happy dance!  

I will contribute every other month and feel so honored they asked me.  Cassity is awesome and has an amazing team of contributors.  I have to be honest, I am a little star struck.  :)

Today I am sharing my very first post, my Large DIY Metal Pegboard Command Center
MyLove2Create for Remodelaholic, Large DIY Metal Pegboard Command Center

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rustic Industrial Kid Chairs

It's Friday and I am happy to share my Rustic Industrial Kid Chairs with you!  On Monday I showed you my Cabinet doors into Children's Desk, and these are what I built to go with it.

I also shared these chairs first at My Repurposed Life where I contribute twice a month for my good friend Gail.  
Chairs make from old car jacks

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cabinet Doors into Children's Desk

Happy President's day!  It was so warm last week, 60 degree weather warm.  My kids have been out riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, playing basketball, has been wonderful!  But alas, it couldn't last forever and the snow is back, brrr!

When I pulled up my Cabinet Doors into Children's desk to share with you I was enjoying the "green" in the back ground, ahh spring....

This project was so fun for me, and my kids are still enjoying it.  I shared it on My Repurposed Life several months ago, so I am excited to finally share it with you today!
repurpose cabinet doors into a children's desk

Friday, February 6, 2015

Cubby Storage Rack

I am finally posting my Cubby Storage Rack that you saw in my Hall closet makeover last week, and boy do I love it!!  I had some set backs with sick kids (strep throat) this week, so I didn't post this at the beginning when I wanted to...

Since I put it up we have had two snow storms and it has passed the test with flying colors!  It is a MILLION TIMES better than what we were doing before.  Not a single item left on the floor.  Bam!  

You NEED one of these!  I have been wanting something like this for a long time, ever since I saw these DIY Rustic Wall Storage Bins.  In fact, I was going to just build them the same way and realized that I wanted mine to fit inside the door frame, and so I needed to use smaller wood.  I changed the plan to fit my space, which is the beauty of DIY! 
MyLove2Create Cubby Storage Rack