Tween Girls Bedroom Reveal

It is finally done!!!  The Tween Girls Bedroom Reveal is here!  

Amazing Tween Girls Bedroom reveal loaded with DIY Projects at MyLove2Create
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I am not sure if this deserves a happy dance or a moment of silence?  Hmmm maybe...

It has been a lot of hard work but seeing the smile on my daughters face and her excitement makes it all worth it!

How about we start with some before shots, because it will make us appreciate the transformation even more.
Before walking into room
This was the view walking into the room before.
Walking into room after, MyLove2Create
And after!
Desk side of room before, MyLove2Create
Before of the desk area...
Desk Side of room after, MyLove2Create
A very happy after!  
Closet side of room before, Mylove2create
And the closet before...
Closet side of room after, MyLove2Create
The closet now!  I am sure it is justified putting an explanation mark on all after shots right?!  What a transformation, it makes me giddy...and a little tired. (just keeping it real)
diy bench for tween girls room, mylove2create
If you aren't convinced this face tells it all!  She is LOVING it, and of course this DIY Step stool doesn't only look cute in this spot it is a great help for her in her new closet...
DIY Closet in Tween girls room
There is nothing better than a well organized closet, especially when your new stool helps you reach the top shelves!  It is totally worth the effort to design your own DIY closet and you can start by looking at my Building Tips for a DIY Closet so you can create your own!  
trim out a window add curtains
Speaking of creating...did you notice the window?  This is such a simple and easy way to bring class and style to a room.  It really is super easy and I show you How to trim out a window in this post.  I removed the blinds and added some curtains, I had to trim the up and sewed on some ribbon with velcro so it is easy for her to open and close them.
Bedroom for a girl
The cool thing about this room is the neutral base.  While my daughter really wanted pink walls, she has been obsessed with this color since birth, I convinced her otherwise.  With the white trim and planking and gray walls she can grow with the room.  Switching out colors will be a cinch! 
diy tryptic frame
But...even if she has graduated from hot pink to this pretty pale pink...she would probably laugh in your face if you suggested switching colors.  See she is laughing already!
DIY Framed ballet art for a girls room
While we are here you might guess she also loves to dance and is on her way to point shoes next year, so naturally we had to feature her love of ballet.  We came up with this DIY Frame (to be posted soon!)  With three beautiful images.  I love how the pictures seem to be floating in the frame, and it also has a fun surprise...
marquee lighted ballet print DIY Frame, MyLove2Create
My daughter wanted fairy lights...and by golly she got them!  These babies are remote controlled and do all sorts of fun combinations!  It think this feature has her giddy!
Bedroom for a girl
Moving around the room she really wanted a floating night stand, similar to my Floating night stand, which I LOVE.  Her night stand is more like a shelf and has it's own personal style.
floating night stand
This basket will probably be filled with all the small stuffed animals she has collected...a great little home for them.
tween girls room with letter board
As I was doing finishing touches on the room I told her to put whatever she wanted on the letter board, and this is what she came up with...I know, soooo sweet!!  (Bottom right corner, no coaching!  Promise, she thought of it on her own.)
hanging swing and diy fabric signs
So the swing...
hanging swing in a girls room
She was adamant that her room have a swing...and I opted to buy one rather than DIY it because well...time!  It was well worth the purchase and oh so fun!  
pretty DIY Girls room
She has plans to read in it...
pink desk and hanging swing in girls room
I was skeptical at first, because it takes up so much space, but it really is a cool feature, and perfect for any girl, any age!  
Easy stenciled wall art with fabric and paint sticks
I made these wall hangings with some fabric and 5 gallon paint sticks!  A great project, something different than a typical sign...I purchased the svg image and put it on three panels with a stencil I cut on my circut.
DIY pink desk
Jumping over to her new desk!  One of the things I love about building your own furniture is that you can make it exactly how you want!  She wanted a desk at target, but it was too big for her room and for her, so I made this one just her size, and it is PINK!  

By the way, you may have noticed her hair in ringlets, she is currently doing rehearsals for the Nutcracker and had an event we need to do her hair for...we snuck in this photo shoot between rehearsals, so the room wasn't quite finished, see the mirror missing above the desk?  But she wanted shots of all the things that were is fun to have her enjoying this process!
desk and mirror for girls room
Not only did she get a pink desk, but a Pink Faux Fur Stool.  Life couldn't be better.

DIY Daybed for girls
I guess it could, who wouldn't want to curl up on this gorgeous DIY Daybed!  We all seriously love it, and it just sets the stage for this room.  Plus those storage drawers are the BEST!
Tween girls room
I may have to sneak in an curl up with a book too, this bed spread is super soft and all the pillows make it so comfy to sit or lounge on!
Girls room with DIY projects
All my kids are taking numbers on who's room is next...
DIY Bedroom for girls
I already have requests a swing and picture frames with strobe lights!  Kids are so fun!  But I need a break maybe for the next One Room Challenge...we'll see!  

It has been such a pleasure to get to participate in the One Room Challenge!  It is extremely difficult for me as a single mom of six kids and working full time to get projects done, life is so busy!  This challenge gave me the drive and incentive I needed to push through and get it done, so yay!  There are so many other people doing the same thing it is totally worth checking out their room transformations too!  Click here! to be inspired!

Thanks for joining me on this journey to transform this room, please pin and share!



  1. Oh Mindi the whole room is just gorgeous!!! That closet is awesome, and that bed...WOW!

  2. Beautiful! Great job!!
    Would you mind sharing the grey paint color on the walls?

  3. What an amazing redo job. I know your daughter must be so proud of that room and all the work you put into it. Great job.


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