Child's Stool, or just all around useful stool.

Yesterday I shared my daughter's play vanity that I build for Christmas last year.

Today I want to share my favorite part of that project...

The Stool!

This was my hardest build so far.  Not because it was really difficult, but because I really had no idea what I was doing, and well, I had to redo a few things along the way.

You see, when you go to Ana White's site you become empowered.  I mean she makes you believe you can build anything.  The cool thing can!  I have learned so much with each project and I never would have had the courage to try without Ana's help.  She is amazing and generous and has helped me, and countless others, find their inner builder!

Sorry Tangent...

Here is my stool all built!
First off when you read the plans HERE make sure you do the beveling cuts.  Kinda important.

Also, you can't conceal pocket holes on the inside of the top of the stool if the drill won't fit to screw them in.  Put them on the outside, trust me on this one...

And last, if you don't have a way to cut a circle seat (which is what the plans call for) improvise!  I went to the restore and found a cabinet door for one dollar.  I cut it into a square and ta-da!  Instant stool top!  You can see in the above picture how it was nice and stained and my pocket holes...on the outside...second try....

So now I was in business, and when I make another one, I will be all the wiser.
A little priming....isn't it cute?
And spray painting...

I have to say this was my second paint job.  I had a sample color that I got from Home Depot for 50 cents, but when I painted it on the shade was just too coral for my daughters room.  Luckily I had spray paint left over from her full length mirror redo and now it matched the room perfect!
To top it off I added a castle in purple vinyl and it was done!
She LOVES it!

This stool is used all over the house, outside, any where a little girl needs to sit or climb, and I must confess I have used it often too.   Maybe I should make some more....
Thanks for stopping by!  Please come again!

Lots of Love,

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