Old tee shirt & pants into SKIRT

This project makes me happy.  Why?

Because it made my daughter so Happy!

 For starters, I really can't sew.  I mean, I learned in 4-H when I was maybe 9 or 10 and that was about the extent of my experience.

So all my sewing is quite novice and I truly just learn as I go.  I guess I am saying this because anyone can do this if I can.  It is by no means perfect, but my daughter doesn't care, and neither do I!

I had pinned several tutorials on making shirts into skirts and most of the came from HERE.  So check it out if you want greater detail.  I will just give you a general idea...
The above pants were too short for my daughter and the shirt too tight and short for me.  We had the perfect combo of pink.  I let my daughter pick the shirt and pants we were going to use (I have a stash that we needed to get rid of).  She felt like she had ownership already.  Another thing she wanted was a long skirt (to her knees) like the skirts I wear to church.
I gathered the skirt and then sewed it to the top of the pants.  One thing to note is that when you work with a knit fabric it doesn't fray, so I didn't have to hem....sa-weet!  That is my kind of sewing!
Also remember to use a zig-zag stitch so that it can be stretchy.

At this point I could have left it and just had a cute skirt with pants sewn in.

But we were going for a longer skirt and the pants were a little to short (and didn't look like capris).  So we opted to cut off the legs and sew them together to make the bottom of the skirt.
Since my daughter is in kindergarten, we really needed the shorts sewn in, then she remains modest!
And there you have it!  One really cute skirt!
She was really getting into the photo shoot!
I was quite happy with the results, even if I can't sew.....!

Lots of Love,

I will be linking to these parties.



  1. Really cut color and nice photo shoot:) if you want to look cute and stylish wear colorful tee shirts with jeans and pants!


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