Custom Photo Tags

A while back I made these custom photo tags for our family home evening sign.  In our church reserve Monday evening for family time and everyone gets an assignment.  So why not make photo tags?!

What else could you use them for?

Chore charts, luggage, gift tags for weddings/birthdays/special events...Anything!  There are endless possibilities.  The pictures don't have to be of people they could be of items you are storing in a get the idea.  

Anyone could use these!  And the best part you make them anyway you want, size, shape, color...!
These were super fun and easy to make and pretty cheap!  I also added names to the back...
Since I made these pre blogging days it is not a picture tutorial, sorry.

I bought a package of craft wood from Hobby Lobby, I can't remember the cost but they were less than $5 dollars for all eight.

I drilled a hole in the top of each piece and painted them a cream color with craft paint.
You can see the cream on the edge.  Then I coated the front and back with one coat of brown craft paint.

Next you need two different sheets of scrapbook paper.  I used a cutting machine and set it for just smaller than the measurements of my wood piece, or just measure and cut by hand!
I laid the wood piece over the cut scrapbook paper and traced through the wood hole onto the paper.  Then I just hole punched the paper and it matched up perfect with the hole in the wood. 

Next I used mod podge to attach the scrapbook paper onto the wood and let it dry.  Once it was dry I just mod podged on my picture!
For the name side, I used the same size template but added the names into each one, then cut them out!  

If you don't have a cutting machine, NO Problem!  Just put the names on with stickers, or print it out from the computer and cut out the letters and mod podge them on, or if you have amazing handwriting-write them on.  So easy!

Then I repeated the process with this side to add the hole in the paper and mod podged it onto the other side of the wood!  Let dry and add some fun ribbon or jute, to hang it with!  Do you notice how many blue ribbons we have?  Not much pink in this family.
My kids like to mix things up and have them facing different directions.
Not only are these fun tags handy but they are super cute and add great character to the room!
Besides who wouldn't want to see those cute faces as you walk by?!!

What would you do with photo tags if you made some?

Thanks so much for stopping in, please come again!

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  1. Great idea! I absolutely enjoy reading your blog!

    Selene from

  2. those are really a great idea! I have done something similar a few years back when I made diaper bag tags. They were made out of cardstock and laminated. These wold definitely last longer

  3. I am so glad you posted this project. I love it and still want to make one!

  4. Those are super! You are so right when you said you can use them for soooo many things!!! Wonderful!

  5. Thank you for sharing this cute DIY project at my party.


  6. You're so right, Mindi! "Who wouldn't want to see those cute faces"! Adorable project!

  7. hi Mindi! recently found your blog and it made me smile :) so guess what? i'm your new GFC aaaaannnnnd..
    i nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! OH HAPPY DAY!
    check it out here:
    keep up the wonderful work!!!

  8. That's adorable! I'm pinning this too. And thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm following along too. Take care! Sharon

  9. Very cute! I love how you have them displayed! Thanks for linking up at my Pin Me Linky Party.


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