Quick Fixes

I am all about projects.  If it is a quick fix project...even better!

MyLove2Create on Hometalk
I am sure most of you know about Hometalk...if not, than you need to check it out!  It is a wonderful place that is all about home and garden.  You can ask questions, post projects or just get inspired!

All posts have pictures (like pinterest) and you can clip projects you like and create your own boards.  I LOVE it!  You can follow MyLove2Create on Hometalk as well!

So, when Hometalk asked me to make a quick fix board I was totally....well, on Board! (punny! =)

I hope you check out my Quick Fixes Board and get inspired!  I am already planning on doing a couple projects I clipped!

As for an update on my current situation and how my hand is doing, I will try to get post up about that in the next couple of days!

Wishing all of you a happy day!




  1. great collection of inspiration. Hope your hand is getting better

  2. Oh get out!!! I have no doubt for a second that they would seek you out for this!! I love all of your projects and the quick fixes above are fantastic!!! You inspire girl! Please let us know how you are doing! I hope it is feeling better and I will hop on over...never been to this site before but I am sure it will get me in trouble! HA! Happy Almost Weekend!!!

  3. I love Hometalk! I like many of the projects you picked, the wooden walkway and of course, the toaster tray are my favorites ;)

  4. Glad to know you are on Hometalk! I am too - just followed you. Love your blog!


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