Moments That Matter Most

I have heard a lot of people comment on how fast the summer is flying by, and they are SO right!  It is amazing to me how time speeds up, and life becomes so busy and crazy.  How quickly we get caught in the trap of getting things done and checking off the list of daily life, that sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy what matters most.

I have been really trying this summer to stop and enjoy the simple moments, and not get caught up in the world, but more in my family, and it is so wonderful!  When I remember and seek out what matters most in my life, I am truly happy.  And happiness is a precious gift.  All good things come of Christ.

I hope you take the time to enjoy what matters most in your life this week!




  1. What a beautiful reminder!!!! This post pulled at my heart for so many reasons! Maybe because like so many I feel the movement of time and how fast it is moving. You have inspired me for the new day that lies ahead! Thank you is to slowing down! Nicole xoxo

  2. Yes! a beautiful reminder indeed!

    I hope you got to slow down some and enjoy while you were out of town! :)

    can't wait to see the new puppy.



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