Bench Repurposed into a Planter

Hello friends!  Today I have a cool repurposed project to share with you, plus if I am thinking spring projects then Spring will come quicker right?!

Seriously crossing my fingers!  Anyway check out my Bench Repurposed into a Planter!

Transform an old bench into an amazing planter for your home or garden, easy to follow DIY tutorial at MyLove2Create

Planters are such a fun and easy way to brighten up your home and yard, and chances are you might have an old bench that could us a new lets get started with the tutorial on how I made mine!  

This project was first shared at My Repurposed Life last spring where I am a contributor for the amazing Gail!
bench before it was made into a planter
I got this little cutie almost 6 years ago when we first moved to Colorado.  It was only $10 on Craig's list and we have gotten some serious use out of it!  Eventually it ended up on my back porch since we didn't need it anymore, sad and alone.
wobbly bench
I eventually decided I had to get rid of it or fix it up.  I knew that with some tightening of some screws it would work great again, but I also had another idea...
taking bench seat apart for making a planter
With a little bit of work I thought it would be perfect for an outdoor planter.  It came inside with me and I removed the seat by flipping it over and taking out the screws.  Then I removed the seat support the same way.
measuring for box sides
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I still had some old deck wood from my fathers-in-law and used it to make a box for the dirt and plants to go into.  I used the seat support as a size reference in building the box by setting it on my deck wood to get the correct length. Then I placed my square on the wood and removed the seat top so I could mark where to cut. Then I measured and cut the other side board.
measuring for box ends
To get my short ends I set the sides on the seat support and measured where to cut the ends.
dry fit for planter box
Here I am doing a dry fit, and the boards fit perfectly!  I then cut slats for the bottom of the planter making sure I would have gaps for drainage.
drilling pocket hole screws for building a box
I grabbed my handy dandy Kreg Jig for drilling my pocket holes.  I drilled them into the sides of the end pieces and along the bottom of all the boards for attaching it to the seat support.
building a box with pocket hole screws
Time to build!  I put on some gorilla wood glue and used my Kreg Right Angle Clamp to hold my boards while I adding my screws.  It is important to make sure all the pocket holes for attaching the box to the seat are on the same side. :)
building a box
I again used my right angle clamp to add the long pieces.  And my box was done!  I love using pocket holes for building they make a strong joint and are quick and easy and hidden.  If you don't have a pocket hole jig you can pre drill and attach the boards together with screws through the side. 
attaching box to bench seat to make planter
Now all I had to do was attach my box to my seat support.  I used glue and my pocket hole screws to quickly put them together.  I was lucky to have a lip on the inside of the seat support (since the wood was a little thicker).  It gave me the perfect "shelf" to set my planks on, love it when that happens!
measuring for planter box placement on bench
I set the box onto the bench back and measured to make sure it was even on both sides.
screwing planter box to back of bench
Then I simply screwed it to the back of the bench.
Pre drilling hole for planter box to attach to bench
For the rest of the box I pre-drilled holes through the legs.  Because the legs were thicker I used a large drill bit, bigger than the head of my screw, and drilled halfway through the legs.  Then used a small drill bit, just smaller than the screw shaft, to drill the rest of the way.  
attaching planter box to bench
That way more of my screw was going into the box for greater stability.  I added two screws on each leg and it is nice and sturdy!
nailing on slats for planter
Last up was adding my slats with my Ryobi air strike nailer, I shot the nails in at a slight angle to attach them to the sides of the seat support. 
spray painting bench into planter
If you remember my Old Chairs into New Bench, then you will recognize the color I choose to paint the new bench planter.  I am a lover of blues, I ended up finishing up a can of spray paint and bought one more to cover the planter.
Bench Repurposed into a Planter, MyLove2Create
I filled the bench with soil and added some plants!   I love the look!
Bench Repurposed into a Planter, MyLove2Create
I am not much of gardener but do love pretty things that grow!
Bench Repurposed into a Planter, MyLove2Create
Now to tell the sad part of this story, since I built this last spring I was so excited to see the pretty ground cover plants hanging over the edge come fall...well it was not meant to be.  My teenage dog decided that she liked the plants too...and would dig them up EVERY TIME SHE WENT OUTSIDE. UGH!  

I finally gave up and transplanted my ground cover into the front of my house entryway, and tried saving the rest of the plants by picking them up off the ground and re-planting them...daily.  
Bench Repurposed into a Planter, MyLove2Create
In the end only a few survived to the fall.  So here's to hoping my dog will not be interested in them when I replant in a few weeks (still waiting for the snow storms to end, we got 21'' last week)  I love how it looks so bright and pretty in my yard!  Wish me luck!

Have you repurposed anything into a planter?  Or do you have any tips for keeping dogs out of your plants?!!

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