Elevated Planter Box Plans

Hello everyone!  I am super excited to share my Elevated Planter Box Plans with you today!

I am sharing the building plans here and a full picture tutorial over at Remodelaholic as my contributor post, so be sure to check out both to get all the awesome details! 
Make your own Elevated Planter box with free building plans at MyLove2Create

I have been wanting a tall planter box for a long time.  I personally hate bending over and pulling weeds and having it up off the ground also helps with the rabbits wanting to eat my fruits and veggies!

For PDF Plans Click HERE!
Elevated Planter Box Plans, MyLove2Create
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2- 2x4x8 boards
4- 1x2x8 boards
5- 1x6x8 boards
Hardware cloth/chicken wire
Pocket Hole Jig/and screws
Circular Saw
Nail Gun
Staple Gun

Cut List:

4- 2x4's @ 35'' (legs)
4- 1x6's @ 41'' (front and back boards)
4- 1x6's @ 21'' (side boards)
2- 1x2's @ 41'' (slat support boards)
2- 1x2's @ 21'' (slat support boards)
6- 1x6's @ 22'' (inside slats)
2- 1x2's @ 21'' (side slats)
2- 1x2's @ 48'' long point to long point ends cut at 45 degrees, ends not parallel (top boards)
2- 1x2's @ 24'' long point to long point ends cut at 45 degrees, ends not parallel (top boards ends)

Elevated Planter Box Plans, MyLove2Create

Once you have all your wood cut it is time to build.  Start with building two sides.  I used my Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig to drill pocket holes into all my side pieces.  Then attached them to my 2x4 legs.

Elevated Planter Box Plans, MyLove2Create

Next, I attached my long sides to the legs with 3/4 pocket holes and 1 1/4'' pocket hole screws, just like I did the short sides.  Note that I inset all the sides 1/4'' inch on the outside of the legs.

Elevated Planter Box Plans, MyLove2Create

On the inside I then added my support boards using 1 1/4'' screws.  I made mine flush with the bottom of the sides, to keep my planter box as deep as possible, but you can attach them higher if you desire.

I also choose to add hardware cloth over the supports to help with the soil staying inside of the box but still allowing for drainage.  Be sure to see my contributor post for photos of how I did this.

Elevated Planter Box Plans, MyLove2Create

With the support boards and hardware cloth attached I then added my slats.  I used my Ryobi Nail Gun to secure them, and honestly you don't need to stress about how perfectly spaced they are, I just eyeballed mine. :)

Elevated Planter Box Plans, MyLove2Create

The last thing I added was some trim to the top.  It really gives it a nice finished look!

See how easy that was?!  It really is a quick project and looks so nice!  I hope you make your own!

Now don't forget to check out my picture tutorial at Remodelaholic, trust me I give lots of great tips in those, and you can see my building process, plus more finished photos!


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  1. My mother-in-law has made these several times for her garden, and she swears by them.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you when we open our doors at 12AM EST on Fridays.

  2. Oh this would be great to have. No bending over to pick veggies, and being elevated like this maybe the ants would stay out. I have a problem with ants getting in my pots that sit on the ground. That for sharing your plans! Pinning!

  3. I always love to see the things you make!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Oh so nice! no bending and probably those pesky weeds can't get this high but if they did who cares - weed while standing! awesome!

  5. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. Pinned & Shared

  6. awesome project Mindi! Your plans always make things make sense, but you're so right--your picture tutorials are the BEST!


  7. Great Plan, came out great !!


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