How to Build a Crate Dresser

Hello!!  It has been a crazy week, but I am super happy to share how to build a crate dresser!!
How to build a Crate Dresser, easy picture tutorial from MyLove2Create.

As you know my link party I co-host each week is being sponsored by Crates and Pallet!  I wanted to share how I built this crate dresser to hold 3 of their large crates!  Be sure to enter our giveaway at our party going on right now!
I kind of love it!  I think I am going to use it as a laundry dresser for my three youngest boys, one laundry crate for each of them!  I just didn't take pictures of it in their room because right now it is NOT picture worthy!

Of course you could use this dresser for anything!  Let's get started!

How to Build a Crate Dresser!  This post contains affiliate links read more.

*Also... I first built this without plans, when I wrote up the plans, I modified the build to make it better and easier for YOU.  Just be aware that my tutorial photos look a little different than the the plan photos...follow the plan photos!  Or you could build it like I did, but the cut list is for the actual plans, my cuts we're different on some boards.


  • 2- 2'' x 2'' x 8' furring strips
  • 3- 1" x 2" x 8' furring strips
  • 1- 2" x 8" x 6' board
  • Miter saw
  • Kreg Jig
  • Nail Gun
  • 2'' nails
  • Wood glue
  • 2 1/2'' and 3/4'' pocket hole screws
  • clamps
  • finishing supplies

 Cut List:

  • 4- 2x2's @ 35 1/2''  side stiles
  • 4- 2x2's @ 11'' side rails
  • 6- 1x2's @13 1/4'' drawer slides
  • 8- 1x2's @ 18 1/2'' front and back supports/trim
  • 2- 2x8's @ 22 1/2'' top boards

Step 1:  Measure and Cut Wood.

Cut your wood using the cut list above.

Step 2:  Drill pocket holes and sand wood.
Drill pocket holes into:
  • 4- 2x2's @ 11'' side rails, you will need pocket holes in both sides 
  • at least 2 of the 1x2's @ 18 1/2'' (the top supports) for the other 6 of these boards you can do pocket holes or glue and nail as you will see below.
Once your pocket holes are drilled sand all your boards smooth and you are ready to build!

Step 3:  Build your sides.
Attach your rails (short piece) to your stiles (long piece) with 2 1/2'' pocket holes and pocket hole screws.  I like to use clamps to hold my boards in place while I drill.
You will build two of these sides.

Step 4:  Add your drawer slides.
Add your drawer slides as shown above.  
I made sure to add Wood glue before I nailed them in place, I started with the bottom slides.
To make things easier to space the drawer slides, I cut two scrap wood pieces at 10'' to use as spacers.  I clamped them on, making it easier to add the top two drawer slides.  With these spacers I didn't have to measure!

Step 5: Add your back support pieces.
Attach your back support pieces as shown above.  
I attached mine to one side first...
Then I added them to the other side piece.  I used my handy Right Angle Clamp to hold them in place while I drilled in my pocket hole screws. 

Step 6:  Add top apron and trim.
Next, I added the front trim and support pieces, attach as seen in the photo above.  

*Note: I didn't add the middle supports in my build, because I ran out of wood!  I may go back and add them later...  I think it would look better with them so that is why I drew the plans this way, if you saw my note at the top, I was winging this build then drew up the plans to make it better!
Here I am adding the bottom and top supports, I originally wasn't going to add them at all, then when I did a dry fit (top left) with the crate I realized they were important for stability.

Step 7:  Paint and stain.
I filled all holes and gaps with spackle, and then I spray painted the base with White Spray Paint.

I used a Bleached Blue stain for the top boards and the sides of the crates.

Step 8:  Attach top and finish!
Once the stain and paint were dry I attached the top boards as shown.
I put wood glue on the dresser, and then set the top boards in place making sure to center them.  Then I used my Nail Gun to attach them with 2'' nails into the dresser base.

Finish the top with a Polyurethane and you are done!
I love the blue it gives is fun coastal look!
This is going to be perfect in my boys room, so much better than plastic laundry crates!
What would you use it for?!

Thanks for reading!  Hugs!!

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