Wooden Reindeer Puzzle

You guys are going to love this family favorite...a DIY Wooded Reindeer Puzzle!

How to make a DIY Wooden Reindeer Puzzle for your holiday Decor or for the kids and grandkids to play with!  Free template and tutorial at MyLove2Create.
Not only is it perfect for your holiday decor, but it is also fun for the kids or grandkids!

And I am going to show you how!  But first...
12 Days of a DIY Christmas Day #8 Wooden Reindeer Puzzle
Did you see my post last week on 12 Days of a DIY Christmas?  Well, today is my day #8!  If you haven't been following along you NEED too, all the projects are super fun!

How to make a Wooden Reindeer Puzzle

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Step 1: Print out template and trace onto wood
Cut and trace template onto wood to make a reindeer
Print and cut out all six parts to the reindeer template.  All parts you will cut and trace onto the wood as a whole piece except the back legs, since they did not fit onto an 8x11 sheet of paper.  

Cut the back legs as shown above down the center line.  Trace that half of the legs onto the wood, flip the template over, and trace the other half.  Done!
reindeer pieces ready to cut
Stagger the pieces as best you so you can use as little wood as possible.  The pieces fit onto a part of 1x10 board or you can use scrap 3/4'' plywood.

Step 2:  Cut out reindeer pieces with a jig saw
using a jigsaw to cut out wooden reindeer
Clamp your board to your work surface with the part you are cutting hanging off the edge.   You will need to constantly clamp and re-clamp to adjust as you cut your pieces.

Use relief cuts, or straight cuts into the wood of a cut out section (see above).  These are helpful as you are cutting curves or tight spaces because the wood falls away once you reach the relief cut.
notching out wooden reindeer puzzle pieces with a jig saw
Make sure your notches match the width of your wood.  Technically you could cut this pattern out of 1/2" plywood, but you would need to adjust the notches to 1/2''. 

Step 3: Sand pieces and finish as desired
staining reindeer pieces
After sanding all the pieces and the edges I gave my reindeer puzzle pieces a coat of Wood Conditioner.   Then I stained it with Dark Walnut stain.

When sprayed it with This Sealer, after it cured it was ready for display...or in our house...PLAY!
Make a decorative and playful wooden reindeer puzzle
But when it isn't being played with this little wooden reindeer puzzle looks mighty cute on my Modern Rustic Buffet next to my Pottery Barn Knock off, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Sign.
reindeer make from wood
Of course he is cute on the floor too, or anywhere!  My kids want to add some Googly eyes, which we may...I just don't have any right now.
reindeer puzzle for the kids
I also think a little bow or ribbon around his neck would be cute too.
easy reindeer puzzle
So what do you think, is this little guy one you would like to make?

Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying this holiday season!




  1. Mindi, I love it so much! Thanks so much! It might just be my first project on the scroll saw!

  2. I love this Mindi, it turned out so cute!! It reminds me of one my in laws used to have but I accidentally broke! Now I can make another one!

  3. Do you have the instructions for the red sign in this photo? I LOVE it!

  4. you marked the front and back legs opposite of the picture, is that correct, I love it and made it already what a fabulous idea, it can be stored flat, does the placement of the legs matter

  5. hello again, im so sorry I confused myself, lol, your pattern is great


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