Old Drawers into Porch Planters

Hello!  Today I am sharing a repurposed project, old drawers into porch planters.  I have seen drawers used for planters several times and loved them....so, here is my version.  This project was first seen on My Repurposed Life the end of May, and I have been enjoying them ever since so I am super happy to share finally them on my blog!

Old Drawers into Porch Planters

I have loved having these planters on my porch everyday, they seriously make me happy!  I am excited to show you how you can turn your own repurposed drawers into planters.
old drawers and spindles
I picked up these cute drawers on our city's spring clean up day for free.  I had been wanting to do some type of planter for my front porch and since these already had a cute color on the front they were the perfect candidates!  The spindles were $1 at the Restore, I have had them for quite a while.
attaching spindles with scrap wood
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To attach the spindles together I cut some scrap wood to size, so it would fit the depth of the bottom of the drawer, and drilled 3/4'' pocket holes with my Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig on each end.  Here I am attaching the short sides first.
Using pocket holes to attach scrap wood to make a table base
Then I attached the long sides.  I got busy and forgot to take more pictures, but you can see I was building a frame or base.  I did both short sides first and then attached them together with the long apron pieces.

I used wood glue and some Bar Clamps to hold my piece while I drilled into my 1 1/4'' Pocket-Hole Screws.
using scrap wood to make a base and legs for drawer bottom
Next, I cut some scrap wood pieces for a shorter planter and I did a quick dry fit before I put it together.  I used the same method to build this as I did with the taller planter.

You can see one scrap piece of wood had holes drilled in it, I had to fill them in with spackle, or you could use wood filler too.
planter base all built
After the bases were built I tried the drawers on top and they fit!  Now to make bottom shelves...
using lath and paint sticks to make a slat shelf
I had these pieces of wood left over from my Master closet drawer fronts.  They were perfect for slats.  I taped them together with Painters Tape and cut them all at once.

The two ends needed to be shortened so I cut them with my jigsaw, again using my painters tape to save me time! 
nailing on the slats for a shelf
For the short planter I used free 5 gallon paint sticks from the Home Depot, that I had on hand. Then I glued and nailed them onto the bases with my New Ryobi Nail Gun!!

I got it for Mother's day!  Best. Gift. Ever.
super gluing drawer pulls on for feet
After looking at them together I was sad I didn't make the shorter one a little taller, oh well.

To give it a little more height I gave it some feet using my Gorilla Super Glue.  I used wooden knobs for the feet because I already had them on hand, aren't they cute?!  
nailing on drawers to base and drilling holes for drainage
To finish I nailed the drawers to the bases, and then drilled some holes for draining.
spray painting planter bases
After taping off the drawer fronts I spray painted the bottoms in Rust-Oleum Satin Green Apple. I sprayed them upside down first then right side up.

For both planters it took one can, and was SO much faster than painting by hand!
MyLove2Create, Old Drawers into Porch Planters
Here they are ready for flowers...

Make sure to put some type of Liner in your planters to protect the wood, then plant to your hearts content!  
MyLove2Create, Old Drawers into Porch Planters
I am so in love!  I can't tell you how excited I am to have these on my porch!
MyLove2Create, Old Drawers into Porch Planters
They are sure to brighten anyone's day.
MyLove2Create, Old Drawers into Porch Planters
I love that I could use the bottom shelves for plants as well.
MyLove2Create, Old Drawers into Porch Planters
For the bottom shelf on the tall planter I used my tapered crate that I made.
MyLove2Create, Old Drawers into Porch Planters
I didn't have anything that fit on the small planter so I made this little wooden planter on the bottom in less than 10 minutes (thanks to my new nail gun) and it is perfect!
So are you ready to repurpose your old drawers!  You won't regret it!

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Happy building and planting!


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    The Blue Eyed Dove

  5. Oh my! those are the cutest planters ever! I love how you used spindles for the legs... and at only $1 each it's a deal! the colors are so festive. You just pat your self on the back for me, because this is fabulous..... :)
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  16. I Love this idea!!! I have been looking for some more planter ideas!!! Did you add anything to the inside of the drawer to protect it from moisture?

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I did add a liner to the drawer before I added the dirt and flowers, so far it has held up fine!

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  36. I know this is old, so I hope you still can answer this. You mentioned putting liner to protect the wood. How does the water drain when you water the plants? Did I miss that somewhere? dcgentry42@gmail.com Thank you! Dana


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