Decorative Triangle Tray

Hello!  Last week when I posted my Large DIY Metal Pegboard Command Center I promised at the end of the post that I would be sharing a fun and easy project at the end of the week...and then I didn't.

As usual life got a little crazy and while I liked my project, I thought it still needed tweeking, so I put it on hold for a few days to think, and now I am ready to share it with you today.  My Decorative Triangle Tray!

MyLove2Create, Decorative Triangle Tray

So cute, I love it!  It really is easy, so don't let the triangle fool you!  Let's get started, all you need are some scrap 1x2's and scrap 1/2" plywood to make your cuts.
miter cuts and length of cuts for decorative triangle tray
I began by cutting two of my scrap 1x2's at a 45 degree angle on only ONE side, the other side got a straight cut.  Please note that one of the 1x2's will be 3/4" longer than the other one, and the measurement I give you above is from the straight end to the long end of the miter cut.

I made this tray a specific size so I could fit it in my Corner Cabinet Makeover but you could easily adjust the measurements to fit your needs.  I have added mine above.
Using gorilla glue to attach scrap 1x2's together
Once I sanded my pieces I came inside, because it was way below freezing, and used my favorite gorilla wood glue on my cut ends.
securing tray ends with nail gun
Then I busted out my Ryobi nail gun and secured all the sides from every angle.  LOVE this tool, it makes me happy!
Using inside of triangle tray to trace bottom onto scrap plywood
Next up I had to brave the cold again, in order to find something for a tray bottom.  I found a piece of scrap 1/2" plywood and put my triangle on it and simply traced it on the inside.  Then using my Ryobi Jig Saw I cut it out!  :)
Attaching bottom of tray with nail gun
It fit! side wasn't too straight, my fingers were numb by this point (see it on the right side in the photo?).  I wasn't too worried I knew some wood filler could fix it.  After I sanded it really well I came back into the warm kitchen and glued and nailed it into the triangle.  Then I filled in those cracks with wood filler.

To finish it I used the vinegar and steel wool method I used on my Camping Crate.   I added some felt pads to the bottom and I was done.
triangle tray before it got prettied up
This is what it looked like in my contributor post last week at My Repurposed Life.  While I thought it was cute and did a perfect job for what I wanted...I also thought it needed something...and then I knew...

...a few days later. :)
adding textured look to natural stained tray with white paint and chip brush
I added some texture to the natural stain with some white paint and a chip brush.  I loaded and unloaded the brush with paint, and then lightly brushed it on the tray.  For spots where I added too much paint, I wiped it off with a wet paper towel.  My friend Elisha has a great tutorial on how to create this Weather Wood Finish, and I have used it several times.  It is nice because you can do as little or as much as you want.
using tin cut in strips to add metal corner braces to ends of tray
Next, up I came up with a method for making some metal braces to add an industrial look to my tray.  I got this idea from my Large Rustic Clock I made a few months back, and knew it would be easy to do.

I grabbed some left over sheet metal/tin and marked it in strips to the width I wanted.  You can buy this at Home Depot.  Then I used my tin snips to cut the strips.  I bent one on a front corner of the tray and it looked good.
Cutting strips to fit tray corners and spray painting with oil rubbed bronze
I measured and cut it to the length I wanted and took all three pieces out to get a light coat of metallic oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  Yes, it is now above freezing and I am soooo happy!
hot glue, and nail on metal braces with carpet tacks
To attach my new corner braces to my tray I used hot glue.  Then I used a common nail to puncture the tin.  After that it was easy to nail in my carpet tacks and I was done!
Decorative Triangle tray made to look rustic industrial
I think it made a huge difference and gave my little decorative triangle tray some character!  Yippee!
top view of triangle tray to show contrast in wood color
The plywood took the natural stain differently and I love the contrast.
Pointed end view of decorative triangle tray
I think this tray would look really cute on a desk or table, it is fun to have a different shape.
MyLove2Create, Decorative Triangle Tray top view with decorative balls
Since I had minimal succulents I threw in these wood balls things...not sure it was the best option, but when it is the only one you works!
MyLove2Create, Decorative Triangle Tray, close up of DIY Corner Braces out of tin
I think this is a perfect little rustic industrial tray now, with it's new added charm.  I am glad I waited to share it with you.  :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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    Have a heat day!

  4. I love it! It looks great on your shelf. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)

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    Oh My Goodness!

    I LOVE that clock you made! I missed that post. :( Lady, I am really eying my sheet metal now. Question, I know you hammered out the sheet metal after you cut it, but how did you get it so flat? Hmmm...I am wondering if I need a different pain of tin snips. My lines are never truly straight and seem jagged in between each cut. I guess I need to go to HD. ;)

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  20. Hi Mindi! I love your triangle tray. It turned out really nice, and looks perfect in the little triangular cabinet. I use the same magic measure to age my wood, it works great. I like how you went back and added just a little white. And love your metal bracket, they look great. I will have to remember that. I think your like wood ball things look great in with the succulents!


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