How to Make a Kingsize Headboard Bench

Today I am excited to share with you How to make a Kingsize Headboard Bench!
How to Make a Kingsize Headboard Bench full picture tutorial at MyLove2Create
It was several years ago when I first saw a bench made from a headboard.  I was fascinated and loved the idea so much.  This was before I started building.

Gail from My Repurposed Life was the one who showed me, through her tutorials, how to make them....I didn't know her at the time, but I knew she was awesome!

Many years later I am contributing on her blog!  What!?!  I shared my Kingsize Headboard Bench as a contributor post last December.  Hence the Christmas trees...

Crazy how life goes!  
Kingsize headboard and kitchen table legs before
I found this kingsize headboard on the side of the road many years ago with a free sign, and so I brought it home!  It is seriously huge, at 79'' long.  

I got the legs from a table my friend gave me.  I have repurposed it on several projects.  I used part of the top in my Kitchen Island with Pantry Storage, and cut the legs down and used half of them on my Mudroom Storage Bench, then I used two of the cut down legs for this bench and I still have two left.  Pretty awesome!
repurposing old table legs into bench legs
I started by cutting off the top of the legs.  I happened to have some 2x4's with pocket holes already drilled from another project, they must have been cut wrong, and they were the perfect size so I decided to use them for side aprons. 

I cut my legs at 17 1/2'' and attached the 2x4 side aprons with 2 1/2'' pocket hole screws and wood glue flush to the top of the legs and outside edge. The side aprons are 11'' long.  

You may remember my Cubby Shelf Revamp, well this bench is going to the same place. :)  My daughter's Dance studio.  I wanted to keep the bench seat shallow because of limited room in the studio, you can adjust the aprons to make it deeper if you desire.
attaching legs to headboard
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I glued and clamped the leg and apron piece to the headboard.  As I built, I made sure it was level and square, adjusting my clamp until it was perfect.  Next,  I attached the side apron to the headboard with 2 1/2'' pocket hole screws.  I did this on both sides.
building headboard bench, how to keep things level
I also checked to make sure the legs and aprons were level with each other before attaching them to the headboard.  You can see I used a 2x4 to hold my level.
using scrap wood to hold up apron for headboard bench
I cut some scrap wood for spacers to hold up my 2x4 aprons.  This made it easy to attach them with pocket holes on the inside.
bench ready for seat supports
At this point all I needed to add was the seat supports and bench top!  It came together so fast!
using a Kreg Jig pocket hole jig to drill pocket holes for making a headboard bench
Using scrap 2x4's I drilled 1 1/2'' pocket holes with my Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig, and used 2 1/2'' pocket hole screws to attach the seat supports.  I made them flush with the top of the front and back aprons.  

This thing is super sturdy!
notching out the seat for a headboard bench with a jigsaw
Everything for this bench was free except for the top seat boards.  I originally was going to get 1x8's, but they would have cost twice as much as the 2x8's.  So I got 2-2x8's and 1-2x2 board to make the seat.  

It was a win win situation, because I liked the thicker seat top better!

I notched out the back 2x8 boards with my Ryobi Jig Saw so they could fit around the headboard legs.  This photo above it a dry fit to make they fit, it was perfect!
stain and paint bench
I went with Rust Oleum Semi-Gloss Black spray paint of the bench, and used Minwax Special Walnut for the seat.  

Using my Ryobi Nail Gun, I attached the bench seat with 2'' nails from the top into the sides and middle supports.  I also added some screws underneath through the support boards.  The bench top was sealed with three coats of poly, sanding with 400 grit between coats 1 and 2 to make it nice and smooth.
repurpose an old kingsize headboard into an awesome bench
I think it turned out so pretty!  It has a very commanding presence!
how to build a bench out of a headboard
You might say very "Kingly"  Ha ha, pun intended. :)  I decided not to add arms so the dancers can sit on the ends for putting shoes on.
tutorial to show how to make a bench out of a headboard
I put it on the front porch for pictures and since it was December the Christmas trees were a natural fit for decor.

It does feel a little awkward in August though...

Just sayin'...
make your headboard into a bench
I really love repurposing headboards into benches!  You can see my Repurposed Bed to Bench, and my Headboard Bench or loving referred to as the Puzzle Bench as well!  

As of yet I have to make one for myself!  Someday... 

Have you every made a headboard bench?




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