DIY Tiered Serving Trays

Hello Friends!

Today I am showing you how to make DIY Tiered Serving Trays to use up some of that scrap wood you have laying around.  This project is easy, useful, and it will definitely impress the guests!

Impress your guests and make your own DIY Tiered Serving Trays, MyLove2Create

See!!  I kind of love them...just sayin.  Scrap wood projects are one of my faves you guys, seriously. Can we say FREE and AWESOME.  It doesn't get better than this.

Let's get started so you can make your very know you want too!

How to make DIY Tiered Serving Trays

  • 2x6 scrap wood
  • 2x2 scrap pieces
  • Miter Saw with bevel
  • Sander and sand paper
  • wood glue
  • Nail gun and 2 inch nails
  • Tape Measure
  • Finishing supplies (stain, paint, clear coat sealer)
scrap wood to make serving tables

Cut List:
  • 4- 2x2's @ 3'' cut at a 10 degree bevel long point to short point ends parallel
  • 4- 2x2's @ 5'' cut at a 10 degree bevel long point to short point ends parallel
  • 4- 2x2's @ 7'' cut at a 10 degree bevel long point to short point ends parallel
  • 1- 2x6 @ 12 1/2''
  • 1- 2x6 @ 16 1/2''
  • 1- 2x6 @ 20 1/2''

Step 1- Cut the tray legs using a 10 degree bevel 

10 degree bevel on a Miter sawSet your Miter Saw to bevel at 10 degrees.cutting tray legs at a 10 degree bevelCut all your feet (or legs) for your serving tables (trays I guess either name works) to size.  Make sure your ends are parallel so your measurements will be long point to short point.

Step 2- Cut your tray tops to size

Cutting tray tops for DIY Nesting trays
Make sure you set your saw bevel back to zero before you cut, these will be straight 90 degree cuts.

Step 3- Sand your pieces

cut wood to build tiered serving trays
With all your pieces cut you are ready to sand, I like to do this before building, it makes life much easier.  I am sure you noticed my scrap pieces were previously stained from a different project that was taken apart, I sanded them down but didn't remove all the stain...too lazy.  (and actually this shot is pre-sanding so they still have most of the stain)

Step 4- Stain or paint your pieces

staining wood to build serving tables
Please note that step 4 and step 5 could easily be done in reverse order.  Depends on how you want to do it.  You could build first and then finish or finish first and then build.  I ended up staining my boards first with a Stain and Poly all in one.  

I did two coats of sain/poly sanding with a 400 grit sandpaper after coat one up to this point.

Step 5- Build your DIY Tiered Serving Trays!

combination square to mark leg placement on mini serving tables
I used a combination square set at 1/2'' to mark the placement for my feet on the bottom side of the tray tops.  I marked in all four corners.
gluing legs on small serving tables
Then I added wood glue to the legs and placed them 1/2'' inset from the side and edge.  I let the glue set or dry for at least 30 minutes.
making sure serving tables nest, correct leg placement
It is important to make sure your legs are placed so that the bottom tray can "nest" or slide under the bigger tray without hitting the legs. 

I glued the feet/legs on the largest tray first, then the middle size, before the glue dried I tested to see if my middle tray would fit under the larger one.  If it doesn't fit, just adjust the feet so it will, it should only be slight adjustments.  Do this same method with the smallest and middle tray as well.
Nailing on legs for serving trays
Once the glue dries you are ready to secure your feet to the tray top.  I carefully flipped each tray over and shot 4 - 2 inch nails into each leg through the top.  (You could also counter sink a 2 inch screw into each leg for added strength, but I didn't think it necessary.)

If you choose to stain or paint first you can either leave the nail holes or fill them with wood filler and do another finish coat on the top.  This is what I did, since I wanted three coats of stain/poly on the tops.  But like I said, you may want to build first and then finish either way is great.

Step 6- Enjoy your beautiful nesting serving tables!

Perfect nesting serving tables
I am not going to lie, this nesting feature is one of my favorite things about these trays/tables.  It makes for easier storage when they are not in use.
tiered serving tables
Then you can pull them out for your favorite serving needs.
candy display on DIY  tiered serving trays
Use them for a candy display with inexpensive serving dishes, or place your cookies, brownies, cheese & crackers, or whatever snacks or treats right on the table tops.
easy to build serving trays
You can also stagger them, cause who doesn't love versatility?!?
how to make serving tables
Any way you use them, your serving trays will be a perfect addition to the party.  Not a bad use of scrap wood!

Want more scrap wood ideas?  My friends never disappoint!  Please Click on the links below so see more amazing ideas for your home using up that scrap wood!




  1. I love this, Mindi! I know of at least 8 times I could have used these cute little trays! Way to use that scrap wood!

  2. These are great, Mindi! Super useful re-use of scrap wood.

  3. Thank you very much for this idea and tutorial! I made a set of the trays! Love the flared legs for style. I will be using these to create displays in my home holiday decorating. For fall, a scarecrow sitting with a pumpkin on one level and other fall mini signs, acorns, etc. For Christmas, Nutcrackers on the four levels! Thank you again for this terrific project!


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